Sea Scouts Celebrating the 4th of July in 1914

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One hundred years ago, the Sea Scouts of the Pioneer, celebrated the 4th of July while underway. Here are the pages from the logbook to the first Sea Scout Ship in 1914.


An Adventurous Tahoe Excursion

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As a young girl, I visited Lake Tahoe many times with my family. Never had I thought that later in my life I would be out on that very same lake, only this time a seasoned Sea Scout with some of my very best friends. The weekend altogether was one of my favorite trips in Sea Scouting, which mixed a fun familiar place with exiting new situations.

Four Sea Scout crews attended the event: The Albatross, the Viking, the Morning Star, and the Chaser. These ships were divided into three crews: The Mercury, the Comet, and the Shangri-La. I, a member of the Albatross, was placed into the Comet crew and co-led with a girl from the Viking. We all quickly became friends within our group.

Abbee and M.


The first day was dedicated to piloting and ground tackle, focusing on field navigation and vessel commanding knowledge. Between  cruising the whaleboat and plotting charts, teens invested their time in trying new things such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking on the great blue lake. After all rotations of whale boating and water sports were up, the crews broke apart and all played volleyball together on the coast guard base.

Dinner was later served and then Western Region Commodore Josh Gilliland spoke to us about three points of the Scout Law which are marks of a true scout. The three discussed were the necessity of a scout being friendly, courteous, and trustworthy, and their applications to every day in scouting. The talk sadly came to a quick close, however, when a bear was found meandering across the beach and so everyone, very slowly and cautiously, left the beach.


The next day was dedicated to Anchor Drills, in which scouts learned how to drop anchor and retrieve it, along with proper commands and timed maneuvers. When it was my turn to rotate into the position of hoisting and dropping the anchor into the water, a small rock along with mud from the bottom of the lake was brought up along with our Danforth anchor. One of my best friends Cat Murphy-Bevan and I then used the mud to make “war paint” for our faces and kept the rock.

It’s times like those when I realize how important it is to be in such a loving and fun community in which I both learn new skills and create lasting, happy memories.

war paint

After all anchor drills, the team visited the shipwreck-themed Tahoe Maritime Museum where they looked upon displayed once-sunken ships and read their stories. It was all fascinating, as many of the boats had sunken in mysterious and odd ways. There were also small Dixie-cup hats for children to decorate, and so of course all of the Sea Scouts wanted to color them and were a bit depressed when they found out that they were too old and not allowed. We may be in high school but we still often find joy in childish activities.

lettuce face

Dinner was always a fun time to relax, kick back, and maybe be a little silly with our lettuce.

The rest of the night was dedicated to clean up, eating, and general fun on the base along with checking with officers for weekend advancement.

The weekend, in short, was full of learning and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent there and anticipate the next outing with my Sea Scout friends to Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Rendezvous

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Tahoe_Chaser_5489The first Lake Tahoe Rendezvous was held at Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe on June 20 to June 23, 2014. It was a long weekend of adventure, fun, and getting on the water.

The Tahoe Rendezvous was attended by the Sea Scout Ships Albatross (Martinez, CA), Viking (San Francisco, CA), Chaser (Napa, CA), and Morning Star (Sherman Oaks).

Sea Scouts spent the weekend kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, going out in a ski boat, and boat handling drills in a motor whaleboat.

The focus of the weekend was advancement through organized activities. Sea Scouts all reviewed the Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat before going in the activities began as part of the Sea Promise to Guard Against Water Accidents.

The weekend program was designed to give Sea Scouts hands-on experience in Ordinary & Able Anchoring; Ordinary & Able Navigation; Ordinary Practical Deck Seamanship; Able Practical Deck Seamanship, Requirement 11(c); Ordinary Cruising; and  Able Boat Handling.

The Chaser’s motor whaleboat was used extensively over the weekend. Sea Scouts plotted courses ashore and then got underway on the motor whaleboat, executing the courses they plotted ashore. Scouts used a hand bearing compass to determine their position, learned to work together, and cruised extensively around Lake Tahoe.


Anchoring Drills were conducted on Sunday. Sea Scouts who had not anchored a boat before learned from a Coast Guard officer who is an active Sea Scout volunteer. The drills consisted of the following:

Successfully completing this practical exercise satisfies the advancement requirements for Ordinary 8.3 and 8.4 and Able 8.b and 8.d

Stage, set, and weigh anchor from the motor whaleboat in an appropriate anchorage area using the provided ground tackle within 15 minutes, ensuring the crew is clearly briefed and directed throughout a safe and successful evolution.

Without prompting, explain and demonstrate the following tasks:

1.  Set Special Sea and Anchor detail; brief crew on intentions, authority, and roles.
2.  Stage ground tackle for anchoring; determine type of bottom, hazards, swing arch, and appropriate scope.
3.  Make approach; verify soundings, distance to anchoring position.
4.  When in position, safely release anchor, pay out line to correct stop while backing down.
5.  Determine when anchor is holding; secure and set anchor watch.
6.  Set Special Sea and Anchor detail; brief crew on intentions, authority, and roles.
7.  Advance until anchor line tends “up-and-down,” request to break free.
8.  Weigh and recover anchor line and anchor by the bow.
9.  Secure and set At Sea Watch.

The Anchoring Drills were extremely successful, with Sea Scouts not only properly anchoring the boat, but having an excellent view of the anchor underwater, thanks to the very clear waters of Lake Tahoe. 

The Sea Scouts visited the Tahoe Maritime Museum on Sunday afternoon. The Museum is one of the newest chartered partners in the country for sponsoring a Sea Scout Ship. We are actively seeking volunteers to help expand Sea Scouting in Lake Tahoe.

The first Lake Tahoe Rendezvous was a fantastic weekend of adventure and hands-on skill development. We look forward to the 2015 Rendezvous and expanding opportunities for Sea Scouts.





June 21, 2014: Get on the Water for the Anniversary of Sea Scouts!

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June 21, 2014 is Get On The Water Day 2 to celebrate the anniversary of Sea Scouts! Please post photos of your on the water action with the hash tags #seascouts and #getonthewater on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr.


June 20, 1912 is our best estimate for the anniversary of Sea Scouts. The Boy Scout Ship Pioneer, the first Sea Scout Ship, began their 1913 cruising season with the timeless passage, “Went into Commission Without Ceremony.” The date was June 23, 1913.


Let us honor the anniversary of Sea Scouts on June 21 by showing the world Sea Scouts in action. Please post photos of your Ship in action at 1100 and 1400 (local time) with the hash tags #seascouts and #getonthewater on Instagram and share to Twitter and Tumblr.

WR Boatswain Invitation for the USS Iowa Regional Bridge of Honor

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Western Region Boatswain Cat Murphy-Bevan invitation message for the first Western Region Bridge of Honor on the USS Iowa on July 26, 2014. Register now at on


Marlinspike Tips for Regattas

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Marlinspike is one of the most common regatta events. Below are videos on how to tie several of the Marlinspike knots featured at the different regattas.

Crown Knot

Back Spice

Short Splice

Eye Splice

Good Luck At the Ancient Mariner Regatta

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The 62nd Ancient Mariner Regatta will be held over Memorial Day Weekend on the USS Hornet, in Alameda, California. Sea Scouts from across California, Oregon, Arizona, and Hawaii are attending. Many Sea Scouts have spent months preparing for this regatta. I wish them success.


Many adult volunteers have worked extremely hard to put this regatta together. Organizing the AMR includes working with at least six different entities, securing agreements for access, a labyrinth of insurance paperwork, and intense physical labor setting up the equipment onboard on World War II Era aircraft carrier, a park, a swimming pool, and areas for small boats. It is no easy task. As a former regatta chairman, I know how hard all of them are working to put on a quality event for our Sea Scouts.

I also know how important the Regatta is for all of the attendees. Enjoy every moment you are onboard the Hornet, whether it is in Fleet Drill, competing in Radio or Heaving Line on the Flight Deck.

The 2014 Ancient Mariner Regatta should be a wonderful experience. I encourage Sea Scouts to cross post on Twitter and Instagram from the AMR with the hash tags #SeaScouts and #AncientMarinerRegatta, so everyone can see what an awesome experience it is to attend the Ancient Mariner Regatta.

Good luck and Have Fun!


Yankee Clipper heads out for sail training and a visit to Chief Seattle’s Memorial

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Originally posted on Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper - Seattle, WA:

The Yankee Clipper’s Eastside Peak Crew slipped the dock lines and headed though the Ballard locks last night.

photo 1

They’ll be loose on Puget Sound today doing a little sail training on their 73 years young vessel. The Boatswain’s float plan also calls for a stop in Suquamish to pay respects to Chief Seattle at his grave site memorial.

photo 2photo 3

After a few days of rain in Seattle, you have to like their timing.  The National Weather Service says conditions will be improving through the weekend.  Of course, for sailors in Seattle that’s a double edged sword.  As the high pressure fills in, the winds start to drop.

When you’re trying to get a 54 foot LOA, 73 year old, wooden gaff rigged ketch to dance on the waves of Puget Sound…it helps to have NOAA give you more than “… 6 kt becoming variable and less than 5 kt in the afternoon.”


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Do You Have a Service Project Story from the Last 12 Months?

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HannigCup_1688We are looking for Sea Scout Ships who have conduct service projects. Scouting Magazine is looking for stories. If you think you have a good one, please complete the form below. There is no guarantee your story will be used, but you have submitting a story is the first step for publication.

Service is one of the four S’s of Sea Scouts: Scouting, Seamanship, Service and social. Service is defined in the 6th Edition of the Sea Scout Manual as “Service to your community, your ship, the Scout Program, and all of those who have trustingly learned to look to a Scout for help.”

There are many examples of Service, from Quartermaster Service Projects, to Community Events, to helping a new Sea Scout Ship with Advancement. Service know no limits on how a Scout is Helpful.


Cannon Salute From the Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper Draws Applause In Seattle’s Opening Day Boat Parade

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Originally posted on Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper - Seattle, WA:

The Seattle Yacht Club held its annual Opening Day boat parade Saturday May 3rd, and the Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper had the honor of leading four ships from the Chief Seattle Council Fleet as they passed thousands of spectators lining the Montlake Cut on the way east to Lake Washington.

The ships in line included West Seattle’s SSS Yankee Clipper (which also hosted guest crew members from the Edmonds based SSS Kelcema of the Mount Baker Council), The SSS Argo from Bellevue, The SSS Hurricane from Port Orchard, and the SSS Propeller of Seattle. The SSS Odyssey from Tacoma’s Pacific Harbor Council was also in the boat parade, but further back so she could compete in the Classic Sail Division, where she took second place.

Opening Day of the Boating Season 2014

Chief Seattle Council Fleet

As the Seattle fleet, with Sea Scouts on all boats in full dress blues lining the decks, neared the judges…

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