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For years, scouts have enjoyed Sea Scout regattas and rendezvous for the opportunity to test your skills and knowledge against scouts, meet other ships, catch up with old friends and make new ones! Competition shows the youth commitment, perseverance and helps build character to make stronger leaders out of the scouts. Ships sometimes come from out of state or even out of the region to compete. I’ve spent the last few months researching and digging for such events across the country and although the information I found of Rendezvous outside the Western Region is scarce, I will leave all and any information I have on them below. Since I have not been to many of these events, I will be using the event descriptions to summarize each event.


Long Beach Invitational Regatta (March in Long Beach, CA)

The Long Beach Invitational Regatta is designed to test your crew’s skills and knowledge as well as ingenuity and teamwork in a way that is innovative and enjoyable. The events are based on those of other Sea Scout competitions and from requirements and basic knowledge learned through ordinary. But then, some is just off the wall. For example, does your crew know how to drill? What if they can’t see where they are going? For that matter, how about the team being blindfolded? What would happen to your Scuttlebutt time if you had to fill the barrel first? Will your general knowledge of seamanship, and scouting survive a game of Jeopardy? Of course, we cannot guarantee that these events will be a part of the regatta in any given year. We strive to find new and exciting events to make this a different regatta each time you come.
The Long Beach Invitational Regatta is held each year on the second Saturday in March at the Long Beach Sea Scout Base, 5875 E. Appian Way, Long Beach, California.



Sea Farer’s Regatta (March/April in  Martinez, CA)


Mert Wells Regatta (April in Bremerton, WA)

“Mert Wells is a fleet-wide event similar to a Jamboree. Mert Wells is a great opportunity to learn nautical skills such as rowing, heaving lines, and hoisting the Boatswain’s Chair. Have fun meeting new scouts and participate in a survival suit race!”



Old Salt’s Regatta (April in Alameda, CA)

“The Old Salts’ Regatta is the longest continuous running regatta in the United States. Every year, more than more than 100 sea scouts and mariner scouts compete in 19 events. This year the regatta will be held on Coast Guard Island in Alameda, CA, April 27-29. We will be celebrating our 70th anniversary with some special surprises and a luau. Ships who would like to participate must submit their registration forms by April 16.”



Cascade Pacific Council Sea Scout Regatta (April in Warrenton, OR)



Central Region Rendezvous (May in Lake Springfield, IL)



Ancient Mariner Regatta (May in Vallejo, CA)

“The Ancient Mariner Regatta is the largest Sea Scout event in the nation and is also one of the longest, consisting of three nights and three days. Due to its size, Ancient Mariner Regatta is treated as a bigger deal than most other regattas causing many teams to bring their best, preparing months in advance for the competition. There are whaleboat races, boatswain’s chair, sailing, scuttlebutt, swimming, and many other traditional competitive Sea Scout events. The AMR is a friendly competitive event in which our under 18 youth or 18 and still in high school youth have the opportunity to showcase their skills as well as meet friends from throughout the region. Some come from San Diego, CA and even as far as Hawaii!”



Henry I Nygard Regatta (May in Washington D.C)

The COMMODORE HENRY I. NYGARD SEA SCOUTING REGATTA was named for the man who, through the Sea Scouting program of the National Capital Area Council, showed all of us the importance of giving to the community. He consistently gave his time, his talent, and his energy for the benefit of youth.Each year the Friends of Sea Scouts of Maryland and the Northeast Region sponsored the Commodore Henry I. Nygard Regatta, a weekend of fun, fellowship, and nautical competition. Athletic and social events are also featured. We extend a cordial invitation to your unit to participate in the Annual Commodore Henry I. Nygard Regatta.



Bay Jammer (July in Menominee, MI)

“Bay Jammer is one of the nation’s oldest and most premier summer events for Boy Scouts, Venturing Crews, Explorers, Sea Scouts, Senior Girl Scouts and Mariner Ships. For years, Scouts have travelled from all over the Midwest to compete on the shores of Green Bay in Menominee, Michigan. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, Bay Jammer is a weekend series of competitions that build on the values of Scouting, encourages teamwork among youth, tests one’s Scouting knowledge and perseverance, and brings friends of all ages together. Bay Jammer weekend is open to Boy Scout Troops, Venture Crews, Explorer Posts, Sea Scout Ships, Mariner Ships, and Senior Girl Scout Troops. Youth participants must be at least 13 years of age and completed 8th grade to
participate. For those scouts who have attended Bay Jammer in the past, I don’t need to explain the traditions and excitement that go along with this event. For those who have never been to Bay Jammer, I encourage you to consider making it part of your summer calendar, as this event will not disappoint. Scouts who have attended Bay Jammer always talk about the friends they made and the thrill of the competition for years.”



Davy Jones Rendezvous (Sept. in Lexington, NC)



William M Minto Rendezvous (Sept. in Navasota, TX)

Minto Rendezvous is an annual regional event where Sea Scouts test their knowledge and skills. The competition includes over 20 events that test a ship’s teamwork, training and preparation in a variety of nautical-related events.  Some events such as navigation, first aid, knot tying relays and marlin spike require study and practice.  Other events like blindfold canoe race and no paddle canoe race require luck and laughter to run the course. Ships from all across Texas and Oklahoma look forward to the fun and fellowship.  The highlight of the weekend is the annual Flotsam Flotilla race of homemade vessels made from a variety of materials.




Napa Mini Regatta (Nov. in Napa, CA)



Southwestern Rendezvous (Nov. in Oceanside, CA)

This Regional event has been held since 1935. It is currently held at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton during Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy a chance to meet Sea Scouts & Mariners from near and far. We’ve had Ships attend from Florida, the Midwest, both Northern and Southern California, and even England! Two full days of events will test your leadership abilities and nautical skills. Activities will challenge all participants both mentally and physically. The third day is the awards ceremony. Maybe you’ll take home the Golden Windjammer trophy! Competition events range from Knot Tying to Uniform Inspection, from Swimming to Marlinspike Skills. They include Drill, Mariners Quiz, Sailing, and Scuttlebutt! In all, there are over 25 different events. There’s even a dance Saturday night!



This concludes my list of Rendezvous, Regattas, and similar events! I understand that I may have missed some events as it is hard to keep track of all of them, so feel free to let me know which ones I missed and I can add them. I understand that some of these events are more competitive than others and some people may not consider them true Rendezvous or Regattas. I have tried to find updated information on each event so that ships can decide for themselves if they want to compete or not depending on what experience they are looking for. I am sure some people may have strong thoughts or opinions about these events or how they are run and I ask that that nonsense is left out of the comments. I hope to only spread positivity and inform ships and individuals about Regattas and Rendezvous style events in their area or even outside of their area if they are up for the challenge!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me on the form below.

Thank you for your time!


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