Promotion of Sea Scouts in High Schools

Here are tips from a middle school principal on how to submit announcements to promote Sea Scout recruiting in high schools: check the school board section of the district website for policies and procedures on how youth non-profits can submit flyers for the school newsletters. Below are examples from three school districts that provide an overview of how Sea Scout Ships can work with local high schools.

The goal of placing an announcement in a high school is to promote an open house activity to introduce students to Sea Scouts, BSA. This could be anything from a day of sailing, kayaking, building a punt or kayak out of plywood, or similar on the water activities that includes adventure and STEM. For tips on planning an open house, please see Tips for Spring Recruiting or this video on open houses.

Seattle School District

There are over 21,000 high school students in Seattle, Washington. The Chief Seattle Council has seven Sea Scout Ships and 60 Sea Scouts. The following map shows Ships and public high schools in Seattle.

Public high schools and Sea Scout Ships by charter partner address.

The Seattle School District has policies for submitting announcements for school newsletters and the procedures for non-profits. Announcements require approval and a fee, so any flyer should be for a specific open house activity.

Long Beach Public High Schools

There are 23,000 high school students in Long Beach, California. There are eight local Sea Scout Ships and 106 Sea Scouts.

Not all Ships visible in this area of map with schools.

The Public Information Office must approve all flyers for non-profit organizations that provide low-cost and free services for youth and their families. Per the district policy, flyers submitted for approval should include a brief description of the program or services offered, along with contact information and the amount of any fees charged for services. Organizations submitting fliers to the school district for the first time will be asked to show proof of nonprofit status in the form of an IRS letter. If the Ship is not chartered by a non-profit, ask your District Executive for assistance with a letter from the Boy Scout Council.

San Diego Public High Schools

San Diego has over 74,000 high school students and six Sea Scout Ships with 50 primarily registered Sea Scouts.

San Diego High Schools and nearby Ships. Does not include the entire council service area or neighboring school districts.

Promotional flyers are approved by the individual high schools in San Diego, per district policy. However, there are specific requirements for approval of a digital flyer, such as qualifying with our Advancement material as an instructional program, pursuant to subsection “e” listed in the approval documentation:

Academic and instructional program materials. Literature and publicity advertising academic instruction programs in core subjects for students offered by public educational institutions or nonprofit organizations may be sent home via students. Core subjects include: English language arts, mathematics, science, history-social studies, world languages, physical education, and visual and performing arts. Vendor should be prepared to offer proof of IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status to the school site upon request.

Planning 2018 Recruiting

Sea Scout Ships should take the following steps for promoting Sea Scouts at local high schools:

Find out the district policy for announcements by non-profits;

Learn the procedures for having an announcement approved;

Set a date for an event to promote;

Create announcement per district approval requirements and submit it for approval;

Have an online sign-up form or contact information; and

Follow-up with youth who attend the open house.

Promoting Sea Scouts in high schools is just one tactic for a recruiting strategy. Boosted Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Nextdoor announcements, flyers on community boards, promotion at Boy Scout District Meetings, and announcements in Council newsletters, are all elements of successful recruiting campaigns. All Ships are encouraged to plan their 2018 recruiting campaigns with these and other methods for community engagement.

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