The Benefit of Joint Practices

Learning new skills, friendships for years, and memories forever! That’s exactly what happened on October 22nd when Sea Scout Ship 711, Del Mar coordinated with MSS 481, Mystic Yankee and MSS 1351, Morning Star to form a productive Southwestern Rendezvous Practice at the Newport Aquatics Center and the Newport Sea Base, a first for most scouts from these ships


The joint Rendezvous practice hosted by Ship 711 was both eventful and educational for everyone. The day started off with teaching events such as rope climb, bosun’s chair, and breeches buoy. Many scouts climbed the entire length of the 20’ rope for the first time and bosun’s chair times improved to say the least. Scouts learned the history of breeches buoy and simulated transferring scouts from a ship to safety. In the afternoon, each ship split their scouts into two groups. One group practice small boat sailing and the other practiced ground tackle and motorboating. Some scouts who had no experience in such events walked away ready for competition at the end of the day! As a scout from MSS 1351 stated,” It was very good…just the fact that we got to practice things we don’t usually practice…it was really helpful!

image1 (1)

Since 1935, Southwestern Rendezvous has been a three day competition testing maritime skills and knowledge, all while putting leadership skills to the test. The 25 various events challenge crews both mentally and physically. Events vary from a 20’ rope climb that some scouts climb in under 5 seconds to Rules of the Road, where questions on International Rules, Inland Rules, and aids to navigation are use to determine who’s top of the class. There are special events such as drill off, scuttle off, and hell drill where the most proficient crews get to show what they’re made of.

The 1940 Southwestern Rendezvous had over 1,000 Sea Scouts attend from five different states.


Sadly, 2017 Southwestern Rendezvous has been cancelled due to planning compilations and a few other time related issues. However, the scouts will look forward to 2018 Southwestern Rendezvous with even drive and passion than ever. Although there are mixed feelings about the cancellation of 2017 Southwestern Rendezvous by those who were planning to attend, most feel that their work is greatly appreciated on putting together this impressive competition every year and we are look forward to what they have in store in 2018!

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