Coastal Cleanup Day with Ship 711 Del Mar

According to Eben Schwartz, the Marine Debris Program Manager for the California Coastal Commission, over 54,000 volunteers in California picked up 510,000 of trash from California’s waterways during Coastal Cleanup Day on September 16th, 2017.


Sea Scout Ship 711 Del Mar participated in Coastal Cleanup Day by pulling anything out of the Newport Back Bay from car tires to reclining chairs. This year, Ship 711 had 5 youth and 3 adults help with Coastal Cleanup and helped transport canoes, paddles, and PFDs so that other boy scouts and volunteers could get out on the water and access hard to reach places. Trevor Richardson, a sea scout on Ship 711 stated that,”Coastal cleanup day is a great event that I definitely enjoyed. Not only did we better the environment while we were there, but we spent time with friends and had an amazing time!” This event not only offers some service hours for the scouts, but allows them to see the real impact that trash has on the environment,  getting a little muddy while cleaning up the waterways we use, and overall just having a grand time. The scouts look forward to it every year and they can not wait to do it again!


For more information about why Coastal Cleanup Day is so beneficial and crucial to the environment use the link below.

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