Recruiting in Your Community with Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a popular social media application where community members can share news of activities in their neighborhood. Joining is free and based upon your zip code. One Sea Scout Ship recently reported they recruited four new members by posting to Nextdoor.

Here are tips if you want to try recruiting with Nextdoor: Have a parent post a Sea Scout photo to Nextdoor with a short announcement inviting interested youth to an open house, cruise, or recruiting activity. Here is a sample message:

We’re having a Sea Scout Kayaking Day on September 30th at 1000am. Interested youth who are 13 and a graduate of the 8th grade and parents can join us at the Any Town Community Dock.   Scouting is an excellent program to help young men and women develop self-confidence, leadership skills, citizenship skills and an appreciation for the outdoors. We hope to see you on September 30th.

Keep messages short and informative. Below are sample images that can be posted to Nextdoor:

Sea Scout Underway

Sea Scouts – Stand Up Paddleboard

Sea Scout Kayaking

Sea Scout – Sailing

Sea Scout Ships can use their own photos of their Sea Scouts in action. Photos can also be used from the Sea Scout Marketing Toolbox to be customized with local information.

One comment

  1. Nextdoor works really well for community outreach! We use it for recruiting, but I can’t say we’ve garnered new members from this avenue. Facebook and outreach to troops (Boy and Girl Scout) seem to be the best mean of recruiting for us.
    However, for fundraising, community engagement, service, etc. Nextdoor is awesome. We do an annual brisket sale and probably 50% of our sales come through contacts made this way. Plus, during Hurricane Harvey, our Ship and neighbourhood used it to mobilize rescue and cleanup operations in our neighbourhood. In fact, through Nextdoor, my son and I rescued a pregnant woman from her flooding house using our kayak and got her to an aid station on higher ground where an OB/Gyn was waiting to help her.

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