Regatta Training Videos


Here are 3 training videos for events at the Ancient Mariner Regatta. There are several Ships attending this year who have never been so to give them a helping hand these reference videos were made.

Semaphore is a Team Event where 4 Scouts will rotate sending and receiving code signals. Be sure to be precise in your arm positions as many signals can be easily mixed up.

Bosun’s Chair-
Bosun’s Chair is a Team Event where 4 Scouts race to tie a french bowline and be hoisted up to a block. Always push yourself in this event as your arms will only be tired for a little bit, but your time is written down.

Drill is a Team Event where 9 Scouts execute the commands of Close Order and Marching Drill. Attention to detail and perseverance are both essential to this event.

My thanks go out to the Crews of the S.S.S. Makai, S.S.S. Albatross, and S.S.S. Sea Witch for helping to film these. Also, Mr. Jeremy Tovar, XO, S.S.S. Sea Witch for obtaining the equipment for the filming and Mr. Joshua Gilliland, S.S.S. Gryphon and AMR Chairman for the the opportunity to help Ships from other states.

XO, S.S.S. Makai


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