32nd Annual Sea Farer’s Regatta

On March 31, fourteen Sea Scout crews from acrossNorthern California came to the base of the SSS Albatross to participate in the Sea Farer’s Regatta. This year the regatta qualified to be a Sea Scout Centennial event. The fourteen crews started the day by raising the Colors at 0800, or   8 o’clock.

The first event of the day was Quiz. After Quiz, and despite the drenching rain, the crews competed in the other events. The rain did not stop the crews from competing in events such as Scuttlebutt or Flotilla.  It did make it harder to qualify in the physical events, though. Some of the events had to be shut down temporarily due to safety concerns caused by the rain, but were reopened and the crews continued.

After a few hours of competing, it was time for lunch. Lunch was served by a food truck. When lunch was over it was back to the events for the crews. Some of the events were indoors and out of the rain, like Compass and Marlinspike. Generally, events such as Ring Buoy or Rope Climb are thought of to be some of the more fun events.

A few new events were added into the mix, like Motor Boating and an obstacle course. In the Mystery Event, the crews got to play a giant game of Scrabble using the Code Flags. It seemed to be a hit.

The events, other than those that were previously closed due to safety concerns, closed at 1700 or 5 o’clock. Then there were the Dinghy Finals, where the four fastest crews got to race each other head to head.

After the Dinghy Finals was dinner. The crews enjoyed the 150 pounds of tri tip that were barbequed. Following dinner, everyone danced for a while before the Award Ceremony. The Award Ceremony is probably the most anticipated part of the entire event.

The crews all waited and listened to the scores of the events. They listened through some of the other awards given, such as the Spirit Award. Then came the fun part, they finally got to hear how they placed overall. There is always great sportsmanship shown by the crews. Once the excitement had calmed down, the crews got back to dancing. There was a bon fire, and much socializing between the crews. The crews all ended the night happily dancing and celebrating their great achievements.

SSS Albatross


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