The 4 S’s of Sea Scouting

The 4 S’s of Sea Scouting are the core elements of what the program is all about. Every ship should strive to incorporate these four things into all areas of its program.

Scouting – “The Sea Scout lives the Scout Oath and Scout Law every day in every way.”

This is the whole Be Prepared/Sea Promise side of things. Without it we would just be a bunch of people mucking about on boats.

Seamanship – “For the Safety of your shipmates and your ship…”

This is the mucking about on boats part of the program. It is where you learn navigation, splicing, how to drive a boat, all that cool stuff.

Service – “Service to your community, your ship, the Scout Program, and all of those who have trustingly learned to look to a Scout for help.”

This is where we give back to the community that so often helps us with donations and other such things. If we didn’t do this it would completely ruin the spirit of scouting and we would be back to just a bunch of people mucking about on boats.

Social – The reward for the first three “S’s”.

This is the bacon. Think of a BLT, you have the bread, lettuce, tomato, and best of all, the bacon. Seamanship is the bread of the program. It holds us all together, gives this group of people a reason to work together. Scouting and service are the lettuce and tomato. Without them you may as well be eating breakfast, not lunch. They define our program, give us a structure to work withing. Social is the bacon. You can have a sandwich without it, but it is not really great. The Bacon is the final touch to a BLT that makes people want it.

Parker Smith,
Western Region Boatswain



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