Meet the 2017-2018 Western Region Boatswain

We are pleased to announced that the 2017-2018 Western Region Boatswain is Tessa Ramsey, of the Sea Scout Ship Decisive, of the Aloha Council, on the island of Kauai. She is an Able Sea Scout with a goal to complete the requirements and achieve the rank of Quartermaster by December 2017.

As the 2017-2018 Western Region Boatswain Tessa plans to continue on the path she began in 2016-2017 as one of the Western Region Boatswain’s Mate, by promoting Sea Scouts through writing blogs, newspaper articles, posting photos to her Sea Scout Instagram, and creating videos sharing the adventures, fun, and learning experiences she has in Sea Scouts with the rest of the world.  Tessa wants to promote safe boating by encouraging the use of life jackets, supporting the installation of more Life Jacket Loaner Stations, and participating in safe boating videos and events. As the Western Region Boatswain Tessa also plans to travel and meet other Sea Scout Ships around the Region.

Tessa will be entering her senior year of high school this fall, is on her high school varsity cross-country and varsity swim teams and is on the Honor Roll.  She has served Sea Scouts in several leadership positions over the past four years. Tessa served as the Aloha Council Boatswain 2015-2016.  As the Aloha Council Boatswain, Tessa played an active role as one of the organizers and founders of the first Regatta on Kauai: Hawaii Youth Maritime Regatta 4/9-10/2016.  Tessa’s Ship, Decisive, was named to the Flagship Fleet in 2016 & 2017. Tessa served as the Boatswain for the Sea Scout Ship Decisive 2014-2015, the Ship’s Administrative Boatswain’s Mate 2014-2015 and the Ship’s Program Boatswains Mate 2013-2014.

Tessa received the BSA Medal of Merit in 2015 for her meritorious action in rescuing 3 boaters off the coast of Molokai on Summer Cruise 2014.  She is an ILSS graduate as well as a Coast Guard Auxiliary “Boating Safety” and “Weekend Navigator” course graduate.  She is a BSA Lifeguard, SCUBA Certified, Red Cross First Aid Certified and has completed the BSA Mile Swim.  Tessa has her Small Boat Handler Bar and Long Cruise Badge with 4 red arcs (the badge and red arcs each represent 14 days at sea).  She has made several crossings of the Kauai To Oahu channel with her Ship, Decisive, traveling sometimes as far as the island of Molokai. Decisive’s Summer Cruise schedule also regularly includes circumnavigating the islands of Kauai, Oahu and Niihau.

Tessa participated in the Sea Scouts aboard the CGC Eagle Program in 2016 and sailed from New York, NY to New London, CT aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle, an adventure that she will never forget.

In December 2016 Tessa completed her Sea Scout Quartermaster Service project, building a Life Jacket Loaner station at Nawiliwili Harbor on Kauai.  This was made possible in part with a grant she was awarded from the Sea Tow Foundation.

Tessa has been motivated to serve Sea Scouts in leadership positions because she wants to give something back, to help it to grow and for it to be there for kids in the future. Tessa aspires to attend college and join the United States Coast Guard after high school.



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