My Thoughts on Recruiting…

In order for Sea Scouts to keep going we need people continuously joining, one way we encourage this to happen is by recruiting. Recruiting is very important because if we want Sea Scouts to grow, more people need to know about it, what it’s all about, and what a great program it is.


Some ways that the SSS Decisive, my Ship, based on Kauai recruits is by making brochures and handing them out to people. Skipper usually designs the brochure and a few different parent volunteers will print out color copies. On some brochures we will invite kids to what we call the “Corner Cruise”.  On the Corner Cruise we take the boat out to an anchorage spot right outside the harbor, actually in a far corner of it, this way kids won’t get seasick and they will get a feel for what its like being on a boat. We put an aerial photo on the brochure of the harbor with an “X” marking the spot of exactly where the boat will be anchored, explain when, where, what to bring, and include a parental permission slip.


We hand the brochures out at different locations, for instance, I handed brochures out to my high school Cross Country team after practice. Someone else handed them out to the high school Wrestling team. We also post the brochure on local bulletin boards, like at the grocery store. Sometimes we will make a power point presentation that a few of us will show at the local Middle Schools or Cub Scout Meetings. SSS Decisive also recruits by inviting kids to go scurfing and tubing. Scurfing is just like wake boarding on the water except you use a surf board rather than a wake board.

It is super fun and the kids who are in Sea Scouts already will invite their friends, who aren’t, to experience this fun filled day on the water and give them the taste of Sea Scouts. Usually after we have these recruiting events a few of these kids will start coming to our meetings which are held every Wednesday. So, these ideas work!

I still remember going to my first Sea Scout meeting 3 1/2 years ago, I decided to check out Sea Scouts because I found an article in my local paper that had photos and information about Sea Scouting in it.

riverI went to my first meeting and they had a bunch of food set out for the new recruits, they taught us some knots and told us more about scouting, especially the upcoming “Pre-Summer Cruise” and “Summer Cruise.” The following weekend they had a work on the boat day, after I saw the boat I signed up for the cruises and I was pretty much hooked on Scouting.

Personally, I am trying to spread the word about what an adventure Sea Scouts is and how many wonderful opportunities it gives kids; to get on the water, learn seamanship skills, leadership skills, discover different career options for their future, help the community, make lifelong friends, and mainly just have a lot of fun.

DCIM100GOPROA couple of facts about Sea Scouting that I think people would be interested to know:
Sea Scouts can be found in over 40 different countries around the world. It was really cool to find out that I have a follower from a Sea Scout Ship in Poland on my Sea Scout Instagram! Also, Sea Scouts has been around a long time, for over 100 years, since approximately 1910.
I wish everyone a lot of success with recruiting! Thank you!

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  1. You are so very right about recruiting and the way you are doing it is a good way. Unfortunately, here in Seattle the schools are quite sensitive to seeing such literature on campus so we need to find back doors. There are a number of youth groups we address on a regular basis and display Sea Scouts during community activity. Of course, recruiting works under the assumption that there are enough adults to support the Ship; I think this is a large problem. Our big city life requires parents to work a great number of hours and youth have many distractions and other activities going on. Still, I believe there are a number of recruiting avenues to bring new youth on board AND new adults. A skipper does not live forever. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Fair Winds
    Doug Mecham
    Skipper, SSS Phantom, Everett, WA

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