Meet the 2016-2017 Boatswain’s Mates and Yeoman

Ethan, WR Boatswain’s Mate (WR Area 2)

Ethan is an Ordinary Sea Scout from Ship 30 in Western Colorado Council. He been involved in Scouting for almost my entire life. Ethan reached the rank of Eagle Scout when he was 16 and earned 5 palms after that. He have also earned the Ranger Award in Venturing, the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement, and is on his way to summit award as well. Ethan was awarded the Venturing Leadership Award for starting Ship 30 while staffing at summer camp. He have been through NYLT twice, attended 2013 Jamboree at the Summit, and was at the 100th anniversary NOAC for Order of the Arrow.


Outside of Scouts Ethan is a member of the track and field team for his university. Ethan enjoys doing all the activities beautiful Colorado has to offer like mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, and snowboarding. He also love vacationing on Lake Powell in Utah. Ethan is trained in First Aid/CPR/AED, and was an instructor for Wilderness and Remote First Aid as well as Emergency Medical Response.

Ethan is very excited for the opportunity to serve as a WR Boatswains Mate and hopes to see the Western Region grow and excel in all areas.

Tessa, WR Boatswain’s Mate (WR Area 6)

Tessa_HITessa is a member of the Sea Scout Ship Decisive on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. She is an Able Sea Scout working toward Quartermaster.
Tessa views Sea Scouts, BSA, as one great big adventure. As the 2016-2017 Western Region Boatswain’s Mate for Area 6, she plans to promote Sea Scouts by writing blogs, newspaper articles, posting photos, and creating videos sharing the adventures, good times, and learning experiences that she has in Sea Scouts with the rest of the world.
Tessa is on her high School Cross Country, Swim, and Track teams. In Tessa’s spare time she may be found kayaking one of  Kauai’s navigable river’s or  the Napali Coast, hiking, diving, running 5K & 10K races with her family, bee keeping, or volunteering at the Animal Shelter.
Tessa served as Sea Scout Ship Decisive’s Boatswain’s Mate for Program in 2013, the Ship’s Administrative Boatswain’s Mate in 2014, the Boatswain for the Sea Scout Ship Decisive 2014-2015, and is currently the Aloha Council Boatswain 2015-2016.   As the Aloha Council Boatswain, Tessa played an active role as one of the organizers and founders of the first Regatta on Kauai: Hawaii Youth Maritime Regatta 4/9-10/2016.
Tessa received the BSA Medal of Merit in 2015 for her meritorious action in rescuing 3 boaters off the coast of Molokai on Summer Cruise 2014.  She is an ILSS graduate as well as a CG Auxiliary “Boating Safety” and “Weekend Navigator” course graduate.  She is a BSA Lifeguard, SCUBA Certified, and has completed the BSA Mile Swim.  Tessa has her Small Boat Handler Bar and Long Cruise Badge with 3 red arcs.
Tessa has been selected to sail on the USCGC Eagle this August and she is very excited for this adventure.  Tessa feels a great deal of  gratitude for all that being a Sea Scout has given her and as the Western Region Boatswain’s Mate, she aims to give something back to Sea Scouts and to make it to grow.

Garrett, Yeoman

Garrett is an Apprentice from the Sea Scout Ship Intrepid, Ship 51, part of the Pacific Skyline Council. It’s hard for him to remember a time before scouts. Since joining Sea Scouts, he has shown leadership through taking on new recruits on board his ship. Not only that, but he has also shown skills outside of scouts in areas such as as astrophysics for which he won an academic award at Henry M. Gunn High School. In the previous year, Garrett showed that he was exceptional with social media when he took up the position of the Western Region Yeoman for the first time. Garrett decided to run again to build upon what he learned during his first term.

WR Yeoman describing the Rank of Ordinary.
WR Yeoman describing the Rank of Ordinary.
Garrett is a very artistic person and had created an assortment of projects of different genres, ranging from music, to writing stories, to digital concept art. His most recent project he completed was a composition of musical themes for piano for the story. Being an adventurous person, he tends to enjoy long hikes and traveling from place to place, which has heavily influences his stories as he takes from his experience as a Sea Scout and place those experiences into the story and characters.
With a new year comes new opportunities. Garrett is excited to help grow Sea Scouts, BSA in as many ways as he can, and expects that this is going to be a great year.

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