First Aid Training in Sea Scouts

My ship just held a “First Aid Training Weekend,” mainly because it was one of the last sign offs I needed to achieve the rank of Able, but also so that everyone else could learn first aid.  One of our Scout moms, Melissa, and our Skipper led “First Aid Training Weekend.”

Although she is already a practicing veterinarian, Melissa needed to go to the island of Oahu and take a course to become a certified Red Cross First Aid Instructor. They do not have the course here on Kauai, the island where we live.  Our Ship also purchased a CPR mannequin and a professional first aid kit for the class.

Ready for first aid training
Ready for first aid training

So, Sea Scout Ship Decisive, Sea Scout Ship Kia’iokekai and also the Yacht Club youth sailing kids joined together for this event, there were over a dozen kids in all.

First, some classroom instruction
First, some classroom instruction

We learned how to perform first aid by watching a slide show and taking notes.  Then our instructors set up live stations for different first aid situations and CPR.  First they taught us how to do CPR and then how to apply first aid with a different situation at each station; like someone who fell off a cliff, had a heart attack, broke a bone, someone who is bleeding, burns, and heat exhaustion. After that we needed to face the situation stations on our own and apply first aid while the adults supervised us.

Treating a victim with spinal injuries
Treating a victim with spinal injuries

At the end of the weekend there was a live action packed scenario where 6 victims were in trouble and four rescuers assisted them.  The victims all needed help at the same time; including someone who fell and had a spine injury, someone who had heat exhaustion, a twisted ankle, even someone floating silently face down in the water, (which was totally unexpected and surprising). We had to be aware and act fast. First we had to see who needed help the most and then act upon each situation in order of severity. It was exciting and we learned to keep calm and act quickly in stressful situations. We were then critiqued by our instructors on our performance.

Performing CPR
Performing CPR

Over this weekend I learned how to do CPR. I feel confident performing CPR and first aid after this training.  I learned a lot more from practicing in these live situations than from reading about them in a book because I am an active learner. The live situations were interesting, fun, and they helped the skills I learned to stick with me.

Learning how to control bleeding.
Learning how to control bleeding.

I would really like to thank Melissa, Skipper, and all the adult leaders and parent volunteers who take time out of their busy life to help us learn and achieve and to get ahead in Sea Scouts, we literally could not do this without you!

-By Tessa R.



Tessa R. is the Aloha Council Boatswain and a member of Ship 11, “Decisive” on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.


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  1. Great article on your First Aid Course.
    I wonder if you have plans to put on an At Sea First Aid course similar to that taught in Wilderness First Aid. It would seem that we in Sea Scouts might consider developing such a course since often we are at sea beyond immediate medical aid.

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