Northwest Sea Scouts Shake off The Winter Blues at Tacoma Rendezvous 2016

There’s nothing like a little Sea Scouting to chase away the Northwest Rain. Last weekend the pride of the Pacific Harbors Council, the Sea Scout Ships Odyssey and the Charles N. Curtis, hosted the Puget Sound fleet at Tacoma Youth Marine Center for Rendezvous 2016. Ships came from Pacific Harbors, the Chief Seattle Council and from the Mount Baker Council which stretches all the way to Canada.

This event is a combination of training while having fun, gaining new skills, experiences and friends for life.  It breaks the ships up and first thing after morning assembly they have to form new crews mixed together.  They choose leaders, design a flag, then they are off.

There’s a little Navigation, learning to make a monkey fist, a bit of racing with all the gear they have laying around at the Marine Center.  Then comes double bowline lift, line toss, fire extinguisher can racing, life ring toss, more navigation, small engine maintenance, and survival suit racing.

Finally, you need to know how many people your life raft can hold, right?

what's in your life raft

They need to learn how to row them, cause next year we’re racing them.

learn to row yours next year we're racing rafts

If you need tips for events, how to run your own event, or want to come next year, contact Tom Rogers at the Tacoma Youth Marine Center.  


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