Feedback is a gift and we want to open it!

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As we enter a New Year the Team Members of the Western Region Program Task Force look back on what we have accomplished in 2015. It has been our goal to provide new perspectives on advancement, operations training, and even how we look at learning. I believe we have taken decisive steps towards accomplishing this goal. To continue this pattern of success we need your help.

Feedback is essential to growth for any endeavor. What we’re asking is for you to let us know what you think of our publications. In addition, when you try our lesson plans or activities we would like to know what your Scouts thought of them. Was it fun? Did the instructions make sense? Do they have any ideas to improve it?

Any suggestions, comments, or ideas will be welcomed. Please email us at WesternRegionVCProg@Gmail.Com

A final update, during the WR Area 3 Safety at Sea many Skippers and Mates offered ideas and made requests to the WRPTF. These included:

  • Creating an email update for when new posts launch
  • Editable tests for various requirements
  • An appendix of manual pages that correspond directly to Advancement Requirements
  • Organized Youth Leadership materials

These items are being pursued and will surface in the near future. Thank you for your patience and your contributions.



Vice Commodore of Program

Western Region Sea Scout Committee


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