A Trip to Area 1

Cruising Down The ColombiaSea Scouts stretches across the West Coast, the nation, and all around the world. Each ship has its own policies and traditions, but despite this, all ships have a thread of similarity.

Recently, I took a trip down the Colombia with the SSS Sunsail and SSS Dragon. I arrived disheveled and nervous, but the SSS Dragon welcomed me aboard their vessel. We were underway for 2 hours and then arrived, only to be welcomed by 4 other sea scout ships.

Pumpkin Carving ContestThe next day we woke up to join a treasure hunt for rubber ducks. With our feet soaked, we successfully searched the entire island and found enough ducks to win goody bags with candy and Costume Contestwhistles. Next we set to carving pumpkins. We agreed on a sailboat design and began carving. As if we hadn’t already had a busy, next was a costume contest, and they pulled out all the stops. From scary clowns to creepy dolls, they did not fail to impress. In fact, their costumes were so impressive that they were invited to participate in a haunted walk around the island.

Although the events of the trip were very different from anything I’d experienced back in area 3, I was impressed by how similar the experience was. There were the same awkward yet dedicated scouts, the same knowledgeable the leaders, and the same welcoming atmosphere. Despite how different each area is, in my experience, every sea scout ship holds the same welcoming and chaotic magic.


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