End of Year Slideshow: We Want Your Pictures!

Each crew has their own Over boarding ceremony, where the seniors get booted off the ship and the youngsters are welcomed. At many of these Over boardings there is often a slideshow of all the pictures that the ship took that year. These slideshows are my personal favorite part; where we get to remember all the fun things we did that year and all the inside jokes or funny things that happened. It has come up recently, that this end of year traditional slideshow is many people’s favorite part, including mine, so instead of keeping it specific to each crew, we are going to make a regional end of year slideshow!

Do you already have photos and videos in mind? We are beginning to request ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS YOU HAVE in September! Tell your Skippers and your mates and your crews! Photos and videos will begin to be requested further by the Quarterdeck in September. We encourage you to submit any and all photos/ videos yo have, and yes that means silly videos of yo crew doing funny things and messing around. NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ONLY SEND PICTURES! Videos are also highly encouraged! What should they be of? Photos and videos can be of anything that you did in scouts and would like to share with the world, especially videos at competitions, meetings, events, and even hanging out!These videos and photos may be anying that you have saved- from GoPro videos and pictures to professional shots of your crew to Snapchat videos of you guys doing cool stuff! We do request that they follow a few specific rules, however:

  1. Please keep it clean! We ask that your photo/video be appropriate for scout viewing! We want people to see us and think it looks fun, not inappropriate- remember our main goal is to get people to join in on the fun!
  2. Please make sure there is some indication of your ship in the video, whether you are wearing your Dress Uniforms or your t-shirts, please make sure that anyone watching the video can clearly tell what crew you are from.
  3. Have fun! Your video or photos may be serious or funny, you may be at competition or at a weekly meeting, but make sure its interesting, and intriguing for someone watching!
  4. Try to keep the videos limited to this last year, starting from Southwestern Rendezvous. We want to try and make this an annual event, and in order to do that we would like all your photos and videos from this previous year! Yes, we understand there’s that ONE picture that you really really like from like two years ago, go ahead and send it! If you want it in the video that badly, of course we couldn’t deny you your three seconds of fame!

With that said, the video will be published in early January of 2016, on the Western Region Sea Scout YouTube, and hopefully we will be starting a tradition for every year! Like I said, our goal is to get people to know about us and hopefully lower the amount of times you get asked “What’s a Sea Scout?” because lets face it, we all know how annoying it is to have to explain it every time you tell someone you’re a part of this fabulous group! Not every picture you send in will be on the video, because with all the media we are likely to get it would be impossible to put every single picture in the video. However, if you absolutely completely need to have a certain video or photo in the video you may express your preference when you send in the photos simply by saying: hey this ones my favorite please put it in the video, and we will try our hardest.

Spread the word! Let everyone know about this! Tell your friends, your fellow scouts, your Skippers, anyone and everyone you can think of! Blast this everywhere! We want to be able to have so many awesome and amazing photos that we can’t choose which ones are best! We would like representation from every crew!!!!!!

Finally, I will be putting out reminders and more information about the end of year video shortly. Remember: Submissions begin in September and will close in December by email to wrendofyearslideshow@gmail.com, meaning you’ve got three months people!! And yes, you may take photos and videos in that time as well, such as at Southwestern Rendezvous! If you have any further questions about the video you may email wrendofyearslideshow@gmail.com and we will get back to you shortly! Blast this out! Link it to your crew! Make sure everyone knows! Keep snapping those pics everybody!

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