Announcement of Aloha Council, BSA Sea Scout Boatswain

Aloha Council Boatswain Tessa R of Kauai, Hawaii.

I note with pride and am pleased to announce the selection of Tessa R. of Kauai, as the Aloha Council, BSA Sea Scout Boatswain.

She is a member of Ship 11, “Decisive”, chartered by Hawaii Youth Maritime Programs, Inc.

Competing in “Breeches Buoy”

Tessa will provide leadership and representation for our program’s youth until her term of office expires on July 31, 2016. She reports to the Council Commodore and will be the youth representative at Sea Scout Adult Leader Wardroom meetings and the liaison with the Ship Boatswains. She will also be tasked with helping to start new Sea Scout units in the Aloha Council.

Tessa is currently at the rank of “Ordinary” Sea Scout, and is expected to achieve the rank of “Able” in the next few months. Her goal is to achieve Sea Scouting’s highest honor, the “Quartermaster” award.

Ancient Mariner Regatta, 2014

As a 3 year Sea Scout veteran, she has moved up from crew member to Boatswain’s Mate Admin, Boatswain’s Mate Program, and Ship’s Boatswain, respectively.

Tessa has also earned her Long Cruise Badge with 3 red arcs, Small Boat Handler, and ILSS Course graduate as well as attended the Ancient Mariner Regatta in California twice and logged hundreds of miles at sea.  Additionally, she has earned the coveted “Aquatics Trident” award with certifications in SCUBA, BSA Lifeguard and Mile Swim.

Tessa was also awarded the BSA Medal of Merit for her rescue of 3 boaters off the coast of Molokai while on Summer Cruise, 2014.

SCUBA diving on the south shore of Kauai

Tessa is a sophomore at Kapaa High and is on her school cross country, swimming, and track teams. She aspires to be a US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer upon graduation.


Join me in congratulating Tessa as the Aloha Council Sea Scout Boatswain!

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