A Jump Start

When a Sea Scout first joins, they may seem overwhelmed at all the new information. Well, they probably are. They have to learn everyone’s name, all their knots, what not do, and almost a whole new language. It’s overwhelming, to say the least. To make joining easier, we often wait to teach complicated tasks, but could this be the best time for them to learn?

Maria teaching Maeve helm on summer cruise

In my ship, Viking, higher ranking Sea Scouts get to take the helm while new Scouts gain more experience. Of course this makes sense. You want people who know what they’re doing to steer the boat, but this process makes helm seem intimidating. They witness and experience many of the disasters that can happen while sailing. After that, taking responsibility for the boat can be terrifying, and many don’t want to.

To prevent this, the key is to start early. Teach a Sea Scout how to steer as soon as you can. Find a calm moment or have a trusted scout leading them to make sure they learn soon. This way new scouts understand things before they can develop a fear for them.

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