Summer cruise without a boat? We improvise.


Almost everyone goes on summer cruise, be it with their own ship or hitch hiking with another. There’s a very rare scout ship that doesn’t have a boat for whatever reason, and Morning Star is one of those. So, what do crews like Morning Star do for summer cruise if they won’t have a boat? We improvise.

At the end of July, we had the Western Region Bridge of Honor, in San Francisco. Morning Star was one of the few Southern crews who made the long trip from Southern California all they way up attend the Bridge of Honor.


On our way to the San Fran, we got distracted and stopped at The Mystery Spot where we questioned the laws of gravity and our brains, believe me when I say it’s trippy. On our way back home we took a 5-day detour. Morning Star drove from San Francisco to  where we stayed in a beautiful ‘cabin in the woods’.


The road to the cabin, as we first drove on in the darkness, felt like we were entering a horror movie or Indiana Jones. It felt like we’d taken a wrong turn at some points. Eventually we made it to the cabin (thankfully!), and cooked dinner and had a girls night watching movies and eating snacks all night.

The next day, Morning Star took a trip to the local boardwalk where we stayed util 11 PM where as we were only planning on staying until 6, whoops!

Some of our girls decided to challenge their spy-kid moves and do the laser challenge, winning themselves stuffed animals.


At the boardwalk we rode all the rides, including the chairlift above the boardwalk, looking over the beach. Eventually, we had to go back to the cabin and make dinner because girls gotta eat.


The last night we were there our fabulous skipper’s mate booked us a night kayaking trip in the slough in the town closest to our cabin. Night kayaking sounds pretty scary at first, I know, but if you’ve never done it or you are too scared to, put it on your bucket list for later, its incredible. We got to the bay unknowing of what exactly to expect- darkness? night birds? maybe a seal? We had no idea. We got into full wet suits and windbreakers, and grabbed our paddles, eager and excited to #getonthewater! 


Our guides debriefed us on some things that we may see, including otters, jellyfish, seals, and even bio luminescence. Hearing this, we were even more excited to see everything. We sat waiting patiently to be pulled into the water by our guides. 

IMG_3812We got on the water, not sure how well we were going to be able to see everything with it being dark but the guides brought flashlights, and we saw jellyfish, a group of otters, a group of napping seals, and we even got to see bio luminescence, the coolest thing ever. If you have not ha the chance to see it, I recommend you do. It is like tiny stars floating around for a split second. 

You don’t need to have a boat to have fun on summer trip, although I’m sure it’s much more scouty that way. We had so much fun on this trip, we just may have to take a trip to visit our cabin in the woods again next year!

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