Las Vegas Area Council Cardboard Boat Race

On one of the hottest weekends of the summer, Sea Scouts and Venturers arrived at the Venturing Cardboard Boat Race excited and ready to race. The race is an annual event in which Ships and Crews build boats made of cardboard and other materials. The boats must be able to hold two scouts and navigate a small course near the shore of Lake Mead.11863243_10206417741675494_2063248306269276112_n

The SSS Heatwave entered two boats of similar design. Our hope was to redeem ourselves after a defeat the previous year: We didn’t even make it in our boat before it sank.11222051_10206417741155481_8630146415039381225_n

We made our boats with cardboard and decked them out with Christmas duct tape. Thanks to donations of materials from our community, building our vessel cost our ship nothing. The other Crews used cardboard and duck tape, as well as wood and large cylinders.11891265_10206417738875424_802631898624035820_n

The boats lined up against the shore and scouts were racing into the water on “go,” hoping to take home the first prize. Out of five vessels, Heatwave won both first and third place. My fellow scouts went back into the lake on a “rescue” mission to save one of the crews sinking boats. Afterwards, the crews participated in canoe and kayak races, with the adults competing in paddleboard races.

11836887_10206417737875399_58288483455105912_nThe event was a fun and successful event. We definitely redeemed ourselves for our loss the year before. In the end, it didn’t matter who won; it was about scouts using their creativity to have fun and learn. My ship is definitely looking forward to next year’s race.

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