Welcome to the WR Boatswain’s Mates for Areas 4 and 6

A warm welcome to our new Western Region Boatswain’s Mates, Cece and Jane! Both scouts will represent their areas and work to strengthen our program. Meet Cece and Jane.

Cece- Western Region Boatswain’s Mate for Area 4 

Cece_Whites_4399Cece is member of the SSS Morning Star from Los Angeles, California. As the Boatswain’s Mate for Area 4, Cece plans to increase awareness and recruitment in Southern California. Her creative ideas for future events will help to share the secret of Sea Scouts with young scouts. Follow Cece on Instagram @cecewr4bm to help her reach her goal of never having to explain what a Sea Scout is again.

Jane- Western Region Boatswain’s Mate for Area 6 

Jane, from Lake Havasu City, JaneheadandshoulderphotoArizona, is a member of the SSS Heatwave and previously served as the Western Region Yeoman. As this year’s Boatswain’s Mate, Jane, hopes to encourage communication in her area that spans from Texas to Japan. By finding common experiences, Jane hopes to unite her expansive area and work for more time on the water. You can find her on Instagram @janessailingships.

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