The Team is Complete! New Team Members for the Western Region Program Task Force


It is my great pleasure to introduce the final two members of the Western Region Program Task Force. Please join me in welcoming aboard Kathy Weydig and Matt Lopez!

Kathy Weydig, Lake Havasu City

KathyIn December 2011, Kathy was instrumental in setting up and receiving Sea Scout Ship 450 charter as one of the first new ships of the second century. The ‘Ship in the Desert’ is leading our youth through example. In 2014, SSS Heatwave was selected to the 2014 National Sea Scout Flagship Fleet.

Capt. Kathy holds a 100 ton US Coast Guard Master license, is National Safe Boating Council- Close Quarter Boat Handling and Open Water Boating Instructor, Arizona Game and Fish NSBLA Boating instructor, National Safety Council CPR/First Aid Instructor and a  SDI/TDI Scuba Diving Instructor Trainer.

“My primary goal is to give the team an outside perceptive of someone new coming into the program and help tailor training material to the youth of today. I am excited to work with a great group of Sea Scout leaders!”

Matt Lopez, Bakersfield

Mr. LopezI started my career with Scouting as a Webelos in Cub Scouts followed shortly by entering into Boy Scouts. After a couple years in the program I was introduced to Sea Scouts by a friend/classmate/Boy Scout.

After joining the Sea Scout Ship Makai I stayed with the program for most of all middle/high school. After high school I left the program for a couple years to pursue my own goals but ultimately came back to the same program and ship as a adult leader.

As an adult leader I have had as much if not more fun in the program. I have held a ship appointed position of Supply Officer, helping teach scouts to keep their unit’s uniforms and other aspects properly stocked, Officer In Charge (OIC) for multiple events, and have helped the Scouts through their progression of the ranks and program. I have recently relocated to an area that does not have any Sea Scout Ships nearby, but as a member of the WRPTF I am glad I can still be part of the program.

My original goal on re-joining the S.S.S. Makai was to help with providing our ship with the tools and recourses to achieve their desired rank. With being a member of the Western Regional Program Task Force my goal is to be able to provide any/all Sea Scout Units with that same ability/option. Looking forward to working with the rest of the team and Sea Scouting as a whole.

On the horizon

With the Western Region Program Task Force at a full head count we can push ahead with our goals for providing program and advancement ideas. We look forward to being able to help Ships across the Western Region in every way that we can. If you have any suggestions for material your program would find useful please email me at WesternRegionVCProg@Gmail.Com


Vice Commodore of Program

Western Region Sea Scout Committee

One comment

  1. I will be looking forward to this Task Force plan for developing and implementing Sea Scout program ideas.
    Doug Mecham
    Skipper, SSS Phantom, Everett, WA
    Seattle Fleet Sailingmaster
    Area 1 Vice Commodore

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