What the Ancient Mariner Regatta at Cal Maritime Meant to Me

For the first time ever, the Ancient Mariner Regatta was held at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo. Not only was it an honor to have this regatta at a place where many current scouts and scout alumni have attended, but it was also a great facility to host such a large regatta.


Along with being one of the biggest Sea Scout regattas held in California, AMR is also one of the longest, consisting of three nights and three days. Due to its size, Ancient Mariner Regatta is treated as a bigger deal than most other regattas causing many teams to bring their A-game. Although the California Maritime Academy is a drastically different venue than the U.S.S. Hornet, which has held Ancient Mariner Regatta in the past years, we were still able to put on an amazing AMR.


Regattas, for me, represent a chance to showcase skills, teamwork, and leadership within a friendly and competitive setting that allows scouts to really push themselves and their shipmates. This year was my third Ancient Mariner Regatta and definitely my favorite so far for a number of reasons. This regatta, for me, represented all the hard work and perseverance my ship has put into our training and teamwork for the past few years, and although we did not make clipper, we definitely left AMR overflowing with pride.


As Viking’s pulling boat coxswain, I was especially proud when we won the pull boat finals and became the first ever girls team to win the trophy. For the past two years the Viking pulling team has practiced at least once a week and it has been our goal to win the pulling boat final at AMR for quite some time now. So, when we won the race it was great to see how all our hard work had payed off.


Another reason this regatta was significant to me, is because as a senior member I am able to see my shipmate’s strengths along with how we all support each other. At many times during the regatta when one of my shipmates may have lacked in a certain set of skills, another team member was eager to support and help out. This kind of support was also seen a lot at this regatta between ships who cheered each other on, despite being from different crews. Supporting each other, whether it be cheering on another ship or supporting your own shipmates, is an important aspect of scouting because it shows that although we are here to compete, we also need to have fun and support each other. After all, at the end of the day we’re all Sea Scouts.

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