Are you the best in the West? 2015 WR Flagship applications are now being accepted!

2015 WRF Patch


Each year every Ship in the Western Region operates the best program that it can. Whether it is a small boat, sail, or power program, now is the time to stand tall and be recognized for all of your outstanding efforts. Starting today applications to be rated as the 2015 Western Region Flagship are now being accepted! 

Before we talk about how you submit an application, let’s talk about what makes your application a strong representation of your Ship’s program.

Make it visual

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Let those adventures, skills, and smiles really show in your application. You could submit an eBook, Powerpoint, or even a video to engage this enticing way to display your Ship’s year. Pictures or video of cruises, social events, community service projects, or any other activity allows the Committee to see your Ship in action.10430420_1526029620973984_6646640267773022021_n

Get the Scouts involved

Sea Scouts exists because of the youth involved in it and your Western Region Flagship application should be no different. Who better to talk about the Crew’s reactions or feelings during an event? Asking Scouts to do a short write up or recollection of an event can really help the Committee feel like they were their with your Ship. Be sure to offer support and guidance for their ideas in this area.

“Though we didn’t win the scuttle-off, we still left the regatta feeling like we did our best and that we would do the same next year and the rest of the years to come.”   

Admin is important, but not in raw form

Avoid the pitfall of simply posting rosters, tests, or operational checklists without context or emotion to accompany them. We want to see how your Ship operates, but offering up a crash course in your administrative process does not let your Scouts shine.

“Once every few months we have Admin Hours where we update, make, and remake the files that keep the Ship going. Even though it’s not as exciting as regattas, I can see how Admin Hours are an important event on the calendar to keep us going.”

Ask the families of your Scouts

As Scouts grow they change in our program, at school, and at home. Ask for some parent or family input about how your Ship’s program benefited your Scouts outside of activities. All parents support your efforts and value the experience you’re providing their sons and daughters; give them the opportunity to voice their appreciation.


Here is a message from Western Region Commodore Josh Gilliland about the WR Flagship applications:

“We established the Western Region Flagship in 2014 to encourage Ships to apply for National Flagship and recognize outstanding program in the West. Our first WR Flagship was the S.S.S. Makai, who served as the BoatUS National Flagship the year before.

All WR Sea Scout Ships that applied for National Flagship are considered to be the top Sea Scout Ship in the Western Region. Sea Scout Ships that did not apply for National Flagship, but wish to be considered for Western Region Flagship, should apply using a modified version of National Flagship Application for the Western Region (a Word version can be downloaded here and a PDF here). Please send a PDF or your application and any digital supporting material by July 1, 2015 to The Western Region Flagship will be presented at the WR Bridge of Honor on July 25 on Hyde Street Pier.

If your Ship did not apply for National Flagship, applying for Western Region Flagship is a great way to build the experience for preparing a dynamic application.”

Parting thoughts

All the advice in the world can be heaped upon your shoulders about what makes a strong WR Flagship application, but the only thing that can’t be missed is that the application needs to be you. We want to see who you are, not who you think we want to see. Every Ship has its own personality; let us get a look at that.





Vice Commodore of Program

Western Region Sea Scout Committee


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