Appointment of 2015-2016 WR Yeoman and Signalman

Sea Scout Garrett M. from the SSS Intrepid of Palo Alto, California, has been appointed the 2015-2016 WR Yeoman. Garrett’s term officially begins on May 15.

Garrett’s goal as WR Yeoman is to build awareness of Sea Scouts, BSA to help recruiting. Garrett will be posting to social media with photos of Sea Scouts in action. You can follow Garrett on Instagram at WRYeoman, Twitter at @WRYeoman, Tumblr at, and Facebook at Western Region Sea Scouts.

Garrett is looking for photos of Sea Scout adventures from across the Western Region. If you are in any part of the Western Region, from Montana to Japan, we want to promote your Sea Scout Ship. Please be sure to post photos to Instagram with the hash tags #SeaScouts and tag @WRYeoman in the photo.

Garrett will also be working with the “Sea Scout Signalmen” from the Western Region. The first WR Signalman is Noel S from the Sea Scout Ship Makai from Alameda. Noel will be posting photos of the Makai in action on Instagram at @SSSMakai and on Twitter @SSSMakai.


We want to have Sea Scout Signalmen from all five WR Areas. If interested in helping, please fill out the form below.


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