“A Scout is Helpful.” How can we help you?

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As the Sea Scouting program moves forward in its second century we find ourselves facing some of the same questions and challenges we’ve always had. What can we do to help the Scouts understand the advancement and retain the knowledge? How can we make our events more appealing to the youth? Is there something others are doing that I’m not? Every Sea Scout adult leader does everything they can to engage these points, but sometimes we just can’t shoulder it on our own. Just as we strive to foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration for the youth it is the goal of the Western Region Sea Scout Committee to do the same for adult leaders. It is my pleasure to introduce our initiative to do so in the form of the Western Region Sea Scout Committee Program Task Force.

The aims of this Task Force can be best described in its mission and vision statements.

Mission Statement: To provide ideas and possibilities for Sea Scout Ships throughout the Nation.

Vision Statement: To encourage growth of our program through diverse engagement and multiple facilitation methods.

To accomplish these goals we have assembled adult leaders from multiple areas of the Western Region to contribute to monthly publications on advancement and program opportunities such as alternate lesson plans for requirements or new weekend activities. Gathering a diverse group allows us to ensure that publications do not favor implementation in certain areas of the Region or certain program types (power, sail, small boat, etc). It also generates interaction between various Ships, Squadrons, and Flotillas within the Region that each have unique and successful methods that we could all benefit from. We are continuing our efforts to develop our Task Force team; any interested adult leaders can contact me at WesternRegionVCProg@Gmail.Com for further details.

Included below is a link for a short survey about advancement and program activities. Please take a few minutes to fill it out as the results will provide our team with a solid direction for ideas and material relevant to the needs and interest of our Region.

I look forward to working with the members of the Program Task Force and helping their efforts to secure a third century for our outstanding program.



Vice Commodore of Program

Western Region Sea Scout Committee


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