Set Goals and Set Sail for the WR Bridge of Honor in San Francisco

The 2015 Bridge of Honor

We are extremely excited to announce the next Western Region Sea Scout Bridge of Honor will be held at Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco on July 25, 2015. Sea Scouts from across the Western Region are invited to be recognized for all of their Advancement, make new friends, and have an amazing experience with other Sea Scout Ships. To learn more, please download the invitation.

A Bridge of Honor is to recognize Sea Scouts for all of their accomplishments. Our first WR Bridge of Honor on the USS Iowa brought Sea Scouts together from four states last summer. The Scouts who attended the Bridge on the Iowa spent months working towards their next rank. More importantly, they got on the water and had fun each step of the way.

So far, three Sea Scouts have the option of being awarded their rank of Quartermaster at this summer’s Bridge of Honor. Will you be number four?

Every Sea Scout Deserves a Summer Cruise

Multiple Sea Scout Ships from WR Area 3 are planning to start their summer cruise from the WR Bridge of Honor and end the following weekend. Our goal is to provide new opportunities from Sea Scouts who do not have a vessel of their own, or who are from a landlocked area, or simply want a new adventure, to have an awesome summer cruise this year.

SummerTubingMost WR Area 3 Sea Scout Ships will cruise to the California Delta. Traditional Delta Cruises take Sea Scouts up the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers. Sea Scouts anchor out in sloughs, swim, go sailing in small boats, kayaking, and of course, water skiing or tubing.

Some Sea Scout Ships are planning to cruise Santa Cruz and other coastal ports this summer.

Sea Scouts will have fun and make new friends regardless of where they cruise. The Sea Scouts from WR Area 3 want to host other Ships onboard for their summer cruise. Nothing like this has been attempted before to this scale. If your Ship is interested, please complete the form below.

I hope your Ship will be able to join us this year in San Francisco AND go on summer cruise in the California Delta.

Fair winds,

Joshua Gilliland

Western Region Sea Scout Commodore

National Sea Scout Committee


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