Now Accepting Applications for WR Boatswain, Boatswain’s Mates, and Yeoman

Sea Scouts in the Western Region are invited to apply to be the 2015-2016 Quarterdeck. You can apply for WR Boatswain, Yeoman, or be the Boatswain’s Mate to represent your Area. Here are the applications: WR Boatswain The Western Region Boatswain will represent Sea Scouts from El Paso, Texas, all the way to our Sea Scouts in Hawaii (and potentially our military bases in Japan), and as far North as Alaska. We have a total of 57 Boy Scout Councils and over 1,400 Sea Scouts in the Western Region. This is a dynamic position requiring dedication. You can help with many initiatives to bring Sea Scouts together, provide valuable contributions to program development, and material to help increase our membership. To apply, please download and complete the application. ThumbsUp_8169 WR Boatswain Mates (1 for Each Area in the Western Region) The Western Region is composed of five Areas. We want to provide opportunities for a Sea Scout from each Area help the Western Region Boatswain support our program. If you are interested in serving as a Boatswain’s Mate, please download and complete the application. Here are the WR Areas:

WR Area 1: Washington, Oregon, Idaho (Ore-Ida Council), and Alaska.

WR Area 2: Colorado,Utah, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota (Black Hills Area Council), and Idaho (Grand Teton and Twin Falls Councils).

WR Area 3: BSA Councils: Alameda, Golden Empire, Greater Yosemite, Marin, Mt. Diablo-Silverado, Nevada Area, Pacific Skyline, Piedmont, Redwood Empire, San Francisco Bay Area, Sequoia, and Silicon Valley Monterey Bay.

WR Area 4: BSA Councils: California Inland Empire, Long Beach Area, Los Angeles Area, Los Padres, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, Southern Sierra, Ventura County, Verdugo Hills, Western Los Angeles County

WR Area 6: Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Japan, Nevada, El Paso, Texas, and the San Diego-Imperial Council.

Please note Area 5 was combined with Area 2. WR Yeoman The WR Yeoman is our social media coordinator. This position requires a Sea Scout to help manage our social media campaign on Twitter and Instagram with daily posts. This is a vital position where you can help shape our message about Sea Scout activities, opportunities, and shares our adventures with all of Scouting. To apply, please download and complete the application. AMR_7611 Social Media Signalmen  Signalmen in the Navy and Coast Guard were responsible for sending messages by Semaphore, Morse Code blinker light, and International Code Flags. We are looking for Sea Scouts to work with the WR Yeoman in posting to social media. Instead of semaphore flags, we need Sea Scouts to take photos and video at Sea Scout activities. If you would like to be a Social Media Signalmen, please complete the form below and how you would like to assist.


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