A Naval Academy Midshipman Shares How Sea Scouts Helped Prepare Her for Annapolis

Sea Scout alumni and Naval Academy Midshipman Taylor Lindenhayn stated in her college application essay, “Sea Scouts has inspired me to push my physical and intellectual boundaries.”

Ms. Lindenhayn took time out her holiday schedule to record a series of videos messages on how Sea Scouts helped prepare her for the Naval Academy. In the first video, Ms. Lindenhayn describes what Sea Scouts means to her: Friendship, Leadership, and Seamanship. Midshipman Lindenhayn describes the impact each has had on her life and goals.

Midshipman Lindenhayn further wrote in her college essay:

I was fascinated by Sea Scouts whether we repaired the ship engines or charted a navigation course. When our ship would sometimes break down at sea, I learned to remain calm under pressure, think “outside the box” and overcome obstacles. I developed the self-confidence to tackle complex challenges and learned to resolve issues as a team.

Ms. Lindenhayn explains in the second video how she put the seamanship and navigation knowledge she learned in Sea Scouts into practice at the Naval Academy.

[Note, the views expressed are solely Ms. Lindenhayn and not the views of the United States Navy or United States Naval Academy].


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