SSS Raven Goes on Halloween Day Cruise

Our Ship, the SSS Raven #37 out of Henderson, NV, planned a fun Halloween activity this year. On October 31, 2014, we arrived at 7:00 am at the Lake Mead Marina. The Scouts who attended this Ship event were Jacob, PJ, Lotario, Christian, and Joey. Our adult leaders were Skipper Bill. Skipper’s Mate Deanna, and Committee Member Maggie.

When we first arrived at the Marina Skipper Bill had gotten our boat together. The boat we were using for the day was a small twenty-foot long Bay liner outboard motor boat. First Joey, Christan, and PJ got out type two and type three PFD’s, while Lotario and I, with the help of PJ, took about five minutes to completed a Vessel Safety Check. After the initial checks, we did all of the Motor boating safety checks according to our manuals. Skipper Bill turned on the blower to the boat to get any hazardous fumes out of the engines lines. When we determined it was safe, he started the boat. After the boat was started he drove us out of the Marina and out of the no wake zone. We then got to learn about throttle control on the boat. Once we all had that down and knew how to operate the boat, we each had the chance to pilot the boat.  After we all took our turn, we agreed that it took a while to get used to the controls! They are much different than our sailboat.


Once on the water, we jumped right into man-overboard drills. We thought those were fun, but nobody actually went into the water. After all of that fun, we learned how to the dock the boat. We did all of our docking at the boat launch next to the Marina. Each of us go to take turns docking the boat. We found out that it was hard to do on the first try so we we would do it again until we succeeded. After docking practices were done, we came back into the Marina docked the boat, grabbed our gear, and went back to shore. When we got back, we grabbed some lunch and discussed how the weather was really nice and calm and with little to no winds leading to very little wake. We then talked about what else we could have done to practice our skills. We also discussed our upcoming trip to Lake Havasu for an Aquatic Merit Badge Weekend. Overall, our ship had tons of fun on our planned activity at Lake Mead. We are all looking forward to our next outing on the lake.

Yeoman Jake from SSS Raven


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