How to Market Your Sea Scout Ship with GoPro Cameras

DCIM100GOPROThe advent of “action” cameras fundamentally altered how we can market Sea Scouts. We now can get photos and video from a Scout’s point of view as they are engaged in any maritime activity. This empowers us to directly share the adventure of Sea Scouts with others.

GoPro announced a new entry-level camera that costs $130. There are other amazing models that cost $400 and $500, so the $130 model is great option for a Sea Scout Ship to be “thrifty.” The new Polaroid Cube is also another option to record Sea Scout activities for $100.

How to Use on Sea Scout Adventures

Part of marketing your Sea Scout Ship is to connect with parents and potential Scouts on the adventure they will have in Sea Scouts. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate GoPro cameras into to promote your Ship:

Have a Sea Scout wear a GoPro camera on a Chest Harness (called a Chesty) over a lifejacket. This will enable your Scout to record photos every few seconds or video while sailing, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or any other small-boat activity.


Another option besides the Chesty is the one of the many “clip” mounts that can be attached to a lifejacket to record Sea Scouts in action.

Sea Scouts can wear a GoPro camera on over a hat with the Head Strap.


There are many ways to take a GoPro camera underwater with different hand-held grips that include a wrist strap. Some options include the GoPro Handler, the Cartel Handel Grip, or the Grenade Grip.


The Suction Cup Mount is also excellent to attach to a wheelhouse window to record bridge operations in action or on the front of a cabin to record underway activities.

Before You Get on the Water

Every Ship should plan to record video or photos every time they get underway. However, here are some basic tips for recording Scouts:

Be sure to have a Talent Release on File;

Make sure Sea Scouts are wearing Sea Scout shirts so your Ship is recognized in your community;

Follow all state boating laws and BSA rules for safe boating; and

Position the camera to capture action and fronts of faces.

Tools to Tell Your Story

After you review your photos and video, here are some tips for editing together a short Sea Scout video for YouTube or a presentation:

Keep it Short. You might have 4 hours of video, but a good Internet video is 30 to 120 seconds. Select the best video segments for your final product. You can also use different video clips to create multiple videos.

Use royalty free music to avoid copyright violations. There are many options for purchasing music for promotional use, such as from

Another option is to create your video and then retain a composer to write custom music for the original score. This can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000 depending on the composer and music, so most Ships would only do this for a truly important project due to the cost.

There are many options for software to edit GoPro video. There are multiple iPad and Tablet Apps for editing video, some of which are free. Desktop applications such as iMovie, Adobe Premier, Adobe Premier Elements, are just a few of the options available to video editing.

Lights, Camera, Action

Action cameras like the GoPro give us the ability to tell the story of our Sea Scout Ships. I strongly encourage Ships incorporate their use into weekly activities to record your adventures. This technology allows us to show the best of our program in recruiting presentations, online videos, and shared across social media to promote our Ships.


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