Recruiting Success Story: Pacific Skyline Council Sea Scout Open House

Recruit_flyer_2014_councilThe Sea Scout Ships Gryphon, Intrepid, and the MSS Tradewind hosted an open house for prospective new Sea Scouts on September 27, 2014. This event was the most successful recruiting event the Pacific Skyline Council Sea Scouts have organized. Job well done.

The Sea Scout Ships developed recruiting flyers that were posted around the community, such as youth centers, by a parent and the District Executive for Sea Scouts. The parent also was successful in getting the news of the open house into several of the high school electronic news letters. Press releases were also prepared and submitted to local publications, including the Patch. Other significant outreach was made into the community, including presentations to the local yacht club.

The Council included news about the open house for two weeks in the weekly electronic newsletter, plus one stand-alone message on Friday September 26, 2014.

The open house included a demonstration of Breeches Buoy, followed by tours of the boats, a barbecue hamburger lunch (including veggie burgers), followed by getting underway on the Gryphon and Intrepid.

The Pacific Skyline Council Open House was an excellent display of Sea Scout Ships planning a recruiting event, involving Scouts in the design of marketing material, parental assistance in getting the message out, and council support in promoting the event to Boy Scouts and their families.

Bravo Zulu!


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