The Amazing Adventure of the Hanalei Cruise

Mask-UnderwaterWe are Sea Scout Ship Decisive from the island of Kauai. We do many great things all around the island.

We had a great cruise over Labor Day. On Friday we spent the night on the boat at Nawiliwili boat harbor. We always spend the night on the boat the night before so we can do provisioning, clean the boat, and get all our things stowed away. This cruise has so far been the clearest, funnest, flat water cruise I have went on.

When we were underway the waves were perfect. Dolphins swam against our bow their gray skin glistening in the sun squeaking say HI!! to us. The sun was out, blue skies everywhere, birds were flying and every one had a good time. There were smiles on everybody’s faces, our cheeks would hurt by the end of the day from smiling and laughing and having a great time! Opal Livingston was our original boatswain. This cruise was her Quartermaster cruise. She was the skipper for 4 days. She did absolutely great!  We all did our part to make her job easier and to make the cruise fun!

I was the engineer for this cruise. It was my third time being engineer. Being engineer was a interesting experience. My first time it took me a little while to get the hang of it but now It is fun to be the engineer. I know more about how engines work, how to change the oil or coolant on a engine which is something many people cannot do. So i am very happy to have that experience. During this cruise we did many amazing and life changing things. We drove our boat named Sea Fox to Kilauea Lighthouse. There were many caves for us to swim in. We put on snorkeling gear, grabbed our partner and dove deep to beautiful fishes, colorful coral, beautiful blue and green waters for miles. We saw lots of colorful fishes, lobsters, coral, shells and many more.


We got to go on a huge land like rock where we found shells and sea urchins sun bathing. It was one of the most beautiful and the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Another thing we did so we could get a sign off is to swim a mile. We started at the Hanalei pier, it was  me and a couple other people including opal who swam the mile. We jumped off the Hanalei pier into the sparkling cool water and started swimming to our destination. Swimming this made me feel very accomplished and made me feel like I could do anything. On every trip I go to I thank God for the amazing opportunity I was given. I am now the boatswains mate admin for our ship. I am very experienced and very blessed to be going on boat trips. I am excited to lead our ship to great potential and leadership with our new boatswain Tessa Ramsey! Stay tuned for more on the amazing adventures on Kauai!




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