Western Region Recruiting Challenge

Tahoe_Chaser_5489It is back to school time, which means it is time for Fall Recruiting.

To promote recruiting NEW Sea Scouts, we have created our first Western Region Recruiting Challenge and Sea Scout Recruiting White Paper on how to develop a strategic recruiting plan. 

The Western Region Recruiting Challenge is a competition to see which Sea Scout Ship in the Western Region cannot just recruit the most new members, but the greatest percentage of new Sea Scouts.

All new Sea Scouts must make the rank of Apprentice to be considered a “new” Sea Scout. The competition will take place between September 1, 2014 to December 1, 2014.

Set Your Course

Sea Scouts Ships wishing to participate must register on the following form and make updates on your recruiting progress. Just enter the number of Sea Scouts currently registered on your Ship as of September 1, 2014.

Your Ship must make updates on the types of recruiting events organized, new recruits who join, and when they earn Apprentice. The reporting dates are September 15; October 1; October 15; November 1; November 15; December 1.

Social Media

MorningStar7Promote your recruiting activities on Instagram and Twitter with the hash tags #SeaScouts and #GetontheWater.

Every time a new Sea Scout passes their Apprentice, film a video with an app like Cinamatic, 8mm, or video app of your choosing, striking 8 Bells to be posted on Instagram and Twitter.

The Prize

The Sea Scout Ship with the greatest percentage of growth will win a special activity for their Ship, customized for their home port, and with the advice of their adult volunteers and Quarterdeck.

The winning Ship will be announced in early December 2014.

Set Sail

The first step in participating in the Western Region Recruiting Challenge is for your Ship to plan a recruiting campaign. There are many options for building a campaign, such as planning a Welcome Aboard Day, visiting Boy Scout Troops, school presentations, public events, and monthly press releases. Please check out the Sea Scout, BSA Recruiting White Paper for other ideas on recruiting.

Good luck! I wish you success.

Joshua Gilliland

Western Region Commodore

National Sea Scout Committee


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