An Adventurous Tahoe Excursion

As a young girl, I visited Lake Tahoe many times with my family. Never had I thought that later in my life I would be out on that very same lake, only this time a seasoned Sea Scout with some of my very best friends. The weekend altogether was one of my favorite trips in Sea Scouting, which mixed a fun familiar place with exiting new situations.

Four Sea Scout crews attended the event: The Albatross, the Viking, the Morning Star, and the Chaser. These ships were divided into three crews: The Mercury, the Comet, and the Shangri-La. I, a member of the Albatross, was placed into the Comet crew and co-led with a girl from the Viking. We all quickly became friends within our group.

Abbee and M.


The first day was dedicated to piloting and ground tackle, focusing on field navigation and vessel commanding knowledge. Between  cruising the whaleboat and plotting charts, teens invested their time in trying new things such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking on the great blue lake. After all rotations of whale boating and water sports were up, the crews broke apart and all played volleyball together on the coast guard base.

Dinner was later served and then Western Region Commodore Josh Gilliland spoke to us about three points of the Scout Law which are marks of a true scout. The three discussed were the necessity of a scout being friendly, courteous, and trustworthy, and their applications to every day in scouting. The talk sadly came to a quick close, however, when a bear was found meandering across the beach and so everyone, very slowly and cautiously, left the beach.


The next day was dedicated to Anchor Drills, in which scouts learned how to drop anchor and retrieve it, along with proper commands and timed maneuvers. When it was my turn to rotate into the position of hoisting and dropping the anchor into the water, a small rock along with mud from the bottom of the lake was brought up along with our Danforth anchor. One of my best friends Cat Murphy-Bevan and I then used the mud to make “war paint” for our faces and kept the rock.

It’s times like those when I realize how important it is to be in such a loving and fun community in which I both learn new skills and create lasting, happy memories.

war paint

After all anchor drills, the team visited the shipwreck-themed Tahoe Maritime Museum where they looked upon displayed once-sunken ships and read their stories. It was all fascinating, as many of the boats had sunken in mysterious and odd ways. There were also small Dixie-cup hats for children to decorate, and so of course all of the Sea Scouts wanted to color them and were a bit depressed when they found out that they were too old and not allowed. We may be in high school but we still often find joy in childish activities.

lettuce face

Dinner was always a fun time to relax, kick back, and maybe be a little silly with our lettuce.

The rest of the night was dedicated to clean up, eating, and general fun on the base along with checking with officers for weekend advancement.

The weekend, in short, was full of learning and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent there and anticipate the next outing with my Sea Scout friends to Lake Tahoe.


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