Lake Tahoe Rendezvous

Tahoe_Chaser_5489The first Lake Tahoe Rendezvous was held at Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe on June 20 to June 23, 2014. It was a long weekend of adventure, fun, and getting on the water.

The Tahoe Rendezvous was attended by the Sea Scout Ships Albatross (Martinez, CA), Viking (San Francisco, CA), Chaser (Napa, CA), and Morning Star (Sherman Oaks).

Sea Scouts spent the weekend kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, going out in a ski boat, and boat handling drills in a motor whaleboat.

The focus of the weekend was advancement through organized activities. Sea Scouts all reviewed the Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat before going in the activities began as part of the Sea Promise to Guard Against Water Accidents.

The weekend program was designed to give Sea Scouts hands-on experience in Ordinary & Able Anchoring; Ordinary & Able Navigation; Ordinary Practical Deck Seamanship; Able Practical Deck Seamanship, Requirement 11(c); Ordinary Cruising; and  Able Boat Handling.

The Chaser’s motor whaleboat was used extensively over the weekend. Sea Scouts plotted courses ashore and then got underway on the motor whaleboat, executing the courses they plotted ashore. Scouts used a hand bearing compass to determine their position, learned to work together, and cruised extensively around Lake Tahoe.


Anchoring Drills were conducted on Sunday. Sea Scouts who had not anchored a boat before learned from a Coast Guard officer who is an active Sea Scout volunteer. The drills consisted of the following:

Successfully completing this practical exercise satisfies the advancement requirements for Ordinary 8.3 and 8.4 and Able 8.b and 8.d

Stage, set, and weigh anchor from the motor whaleboat in an appropriate anchorage area using the provided ground tackle within 15 minutes, ensuring the crew is clearly briefed and directed throughout a safe and successful evolution.

Without prompting, explain and demonstrate the following tasks:

1.  Set Special Sea and Anchor detail; brief crew on intentions, authority, and roles.
2.  Stage ground tackle for anchoring; determine type of bottom, hazards, swing arch, and appropriate scope.
3.  Make approach; verify soundings, distance to anchoring position.
4.  When in position, safely release anchor, pay out line to correct stop while backing down.
5.  Determine when anchor is holding; secure and set anchor watch.
6.  Set Special Sea and Anchor detail; brief crew on intentions, authority, and roles.
7.  Advance until anchor line tends “up-and-down,” request to break free.
8.  Weigh and recover anchor line and anchor by the bow.
9.  Secure and set At Sea Watch.

The Anchoring Drills were extremely successful, with Sea Scouts not only properly anchoring the boat, but having an excellent view of the anchor underwater, thanks to the very clear waters of Lake Tahoe. 

The Sea Scouts visited the Tahoe Maritime Museum on Sunday afternoon. The Museum is one of the newest chartered partners in the country for sponsoring a Sea Scout Ship. We are actively seeking volunteers to help expand Sea Scouting in Lake Tahoe.

The first Lake Tahoe Rendezvous was a fantastic weekend of adventure and hands-on skill development. We look forward to the 2015 Rendezvous and expanding opportunities for Sea Scouts.






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