Good Luck At the Ancient Mariner Regatta

The 62nd Ancient Mariner Regatta will be held over Memorial Day Weekend on the USS Hornet, in Alameda, California. Sea Scouts from across California, Oregon, Arizona, and Hawaii are attending. Many Sea Scouts have spent months preparing for this regatta. I wish them success.


Many adult volunteers have worked extremely hard to put this regatta together. Organizing the AMR includes working with at least six different entities, securing agreements for access, a labyrinth of insurance paperwork, and intense physical labor setting up the equipment onboard on World War II Era aircraft carrier, a park, a swimming pool, and areas for small boats. It is no easy task. As a former regatta chairman, I know how hard all of them are working to put on a quality event for our Sea Scouts.

I also know how important the Regatta is for all of the attendees. Enjoy every moment you are onboard the Hornet, whether it is in Fleet Drill, competing in Radio or Heaving Line on the Flight Deck.

The 2014 Ancient Mariner Regatta should be a wonderful experience. I encourage Sea Scouts to cross post on Twitter and Instagram from the AMR with the hash tags #SeaScouts and #AncientMarinerRegatta, so everyone can see what an awesome experience it is to attend the Ancient Mariner Regatta.

Good luck and Have Fun!



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