Catherine Murphy-Bevan Appointed 2014-2015 Western Region Boatswain

Catherine (Cat) Murphy-Bevan, of the Sea Scout Ship Albatross, from Martinez, California, has been appointed the 2014-2015 Western Region Sea Scout Boatswain. Cat is an outstanding Sea Scout, who was the Boatswain in 2012 when the Albatross was awarded the BoatUS National Flagship. She is actively working on her Quartermaster.

Why Sea Scouts

Cat said the following on the importance of Sea Scouts in her WR Boatswain Application:

Albatross_1841I want to help other youth find their passion through Sea Scouts. Scouting isn’t about finding a career in the maritime industry but about commitment to your ship and the discipline to learn necessary skills. Those are abilities you need no matter your career. It will also help build a stronger sense of self and confidence in your ability to get things done.

Some of the responsibilities of the Regional Boatswain include:

Representing Sea Scouts to the Western Region Executive Board

Monthly Blog Posts on Sea Scouts

Daily Social Media Activity Promoting Sea Scouts

Visiting Sea Scout Ships

What Sea Scouts Means

Cat-ClipperWR Boatswain Cat’s love of Sea Scouts was best stated in the Albatross’ 2012 National Flagship Application, recounting how the Albatross went from earning Catboat to Clipper at the Ancient Mariner Regatta in the span of one year:

We did it. The Albatross, the oddball crew, went from the lowest class to the highest in just one year.

That moment is something I will never forget. Because of that moment, I will have scouts in my life for the rest of my life.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it, and for that I am truly grateful for everything my officers, my crew mates, and this program has done for me.

 Sea Scouts on Social Media

Stay up-to-date on Sea Scout News from WR Boatswain Cat on:

Twitter: @wrboatswain

Instagram: wrboatswain







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