NAYLE at Florida Sea Base

Have you ever wondered what the other Sea Bases are like? Well I have! That’s why I jumped at the chance to attend the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) pilot course at Florida Sea Base.


NAYLE courses have traditionally been at Philmont Scout Ranch but have recently expanded to Northern Tier and now Florida Sea Base. The prerequisite to attend a course is NYLT training and to hold a leadership position in your troop/ship/crew. Participants will further their Leadership Skills and pledge to use these skills in service to others. Sea Scouts, you will also add to your Long Cruise cruising nights as well as gaining experience for SEAL training. Check it out.


I enjoyed the experience of a different vessel, an unfamiliar environment (we did a lot of snorkeling) and meeting 5 other scouts and 2 leaders from all over the US. The experience of flying alone, changing planes, navigating airports, meeting new people and spending 7 days sailing in the Florida Keys has given me great confidence in my problem solving abilities. In addition I had a GREAT time!

Florida-SeaBaseChristian R,

Able Sea Scout

SSS Renegades



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