Spring Activities

Scouts Preform a Phenomenal Flag Ceremony

Newport Sea Base Opening Day
Once a year yacht clubs and many types of nautical facilities hold an event called an Opening Day.

During this event, a wide range of activities will take place, including a public touring of the yachts, boat rides, and often a canon salute.

The Newport Sea Base held their opening day on Saturday April 12th. The local fire department cooked delicious hamburgers and hotdogs, which were served by Boy Scout Troop 90.

Youth of all ages were out in force. Many Cub Scouts and similarly aged youth were escorted on pontoon and Harbor Twenty sailboat rides. Interestingly, parents were also well represented on these rides with or without their children.

In addition, attendees had the opportunity to test out remote controlled sailboats measuring about two feet. They have a single mainsail, which places them in the category of catboat. These small craft offered non-sailors a bird eye view of how a sailboat was handled. Many individuals quickly became enthusiasts after driving these sailboats for even a very short time.

Fierce RC match racing
Fierce RC match racing

Staff was on hand to answer questions concerning spring and summer enrollment. At noon, the Opening Day ceremony officially began with wonderful performance of our nation’s anthem and the flag ceremony. Boy Scouts from troop ninety, representatives from the local venturing crew, and Sea Scouts from Renegades, Triton, and Del Mar participated in the Color Guard.

(from Left to Right) Del Mar, Windward Spirit, Apprentice, and Dare
(from Left to Right) Del Mar, Windward Spirit, Apprentice, and Dare

Next several youth and adult guest speakers took the podium and explained the importance of the Newport Sea Base in both their lives and the community. The ceremony ended with thorough acknowledgements. The annual Andy Fitz Patrick Regatta immediately followed the ceremony. However, due to the craze over the remote controlled lasers, the racers voted to break precedent by match racing this remote controlled craft in place of the normal CFJ fleet races. It proved to be a overwhelming success with several fledging sailors able to take part and even place on the podium. Overall this year’s Opening Day at Newport Sea Base was an enormous success.

Practice Day and the First Race of a the Sixty-Six Series984036_752378364781963_1375062569_n
On March 29th the Newport Sea Base Youth Racing Team ventured out of the harbor for a strenuous day of practice in preparation for the next four races of the annual Sixty-Six Series held by the Balboa Yacht Club.

The goals of this particular practice day included: crew rotations, solidifying race positions, and a general knocking off of the rust. The crew focuses primarily on maneuvers with an emphasis on symmetrical spinnaker jibes and dowses. The team practiced tacking and familiarized its members with spinnaker work and gybing on the somewhat choppy seas with a nice 10-15 knot breeze.

After the refreshing practice, the team felt more confident and ready to compete in the upcoming 66 series. The adult leadership proved instrumental in mastering these important skills. After many long hours on the water, the team revved the engine up and heading back to port with their goals essentially fulfilled. Check out our videos below!

66 Series Practice Day Video- by Tom Hartmann
The very next Saturday the team rallied early at the Newport Sea Base for preparations before heading out to this year’s inaugural Sixty-Six Series random leg race.

The spinnakers had to be repacked and lines rerun before leaving the docks by ten a.m. On the way to the start line, the team reviewed safety procedures and crew positions for the day.

With thirty seconds to go, the team was perfectly set up at the boat end of the line with several boat lengths to leeward. After accelerating into this leeward gap, the team made the tactical call to head off on starboard to the left side of the course.

By consolidating tacks and focusing on boat speed, the team rounded in second. The wind consistently shifted left throughout the first downwind leg allowed the team to make huge gains on the lead boats.

10012843_10152407309021584_7659666162924241710_oAfter a brief upwind leg, the team rounded the windward most oil island and embarked on a tight reach back to the finish line. The crew was adjusting to a new boom-vang and crew positions, but still managed to fair well. The team entertains high expectations for the next race of the series.

66 Series Race #1 -by Tom Hartmann

Newport to Ensenada Fiesta Kick Off Fundraiser
On April 13th, Sea Scout Ship 90 in conjunction with the Newport Sea Base Youth Racing Team participated in a fundraising opportunity at the kick-off event for the Newport to Ensenada race.

Most of these scouts will not be participating in the Newport to Ensenada Race because they are underage, however everyone was very enthusiastic about the fundraising and publicity opportunity for the Newport Sea Base’s Scout programs.

The Ship and Team sold sodas and waters and were allowed to keep 100% of the profits. The scouts took over the IMX 38 and Dare and invited the many spectators aboard for boat tours besides selling refreshments. Overall, the event was a publicity success and raised a fair amount of money for both Ship 90’s program and the NSBYRT.


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