Appointment of the First Western Region Yeoman

YeomanJane-HeadshotJane S, of the Sea Scout Ship Heatwave, from Lake Havasu, Arizona, has been appointed the 2014-2015 Western Region Sea Scout Yeoman. Please join me in welcoming Jane to her new role.

Yeoman Jane will manage the WR Sea Scout social media campaign, which requires daily activity on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Jane’s responsibilities include sending out at least three social media posts a day, which will have themes of Advancement, Sailing, Boating, Regattas, and similar Scouting adventures.

To stay up to date on Sea Scout adventures in the Western Region, please follow Yeoman Jane on the following social media accounts:

Twitter: @JanesShips
Instagram: @JanesSailingShips
Tumblr: JanesSailingShips

Jane is the Boatswain of the Heatwave and has been an active blogger on the West Wind. Jane’s Sea Scout adventures have taken her from Arizona, to San Diego for Safety @ Sea, the Long Beach Invitation Regatta, and summer cruise in SoCal. The Heatwave will be attending the Ancient Mariner Regatta for the first time in May 2014.

Jane is an Apprentice Sea Scout working on Ordinary, has earned the Small Boat Handling Award and attended Leader’s EDGE Training. Jane has also successfully completed the Arizona Game and Fish Department Boating Safety Course and National Safe Boating Council Close Quarter Boat Handling Course.

SailingJaneYeomanJane is a a sophomore and a  honors student, whose classes have included English 1-­‐2, English 3-­‐4, Chemistry 1-­‐2, Geometry 1-­‐2, Algebra 3-­‐4, AP World History 1-­‐2, Spanish 1-­‐2, Spanish 3-­‐4. Jane plans to graduate high school with an associates degree and attend film school.

Welcome Aboard Jane!

Joshua Gilliland

Western Region Commodore





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