Rowing and Teambuilding

Sea Scouts have successfully used rowing as a great way to build a group of Scouts into a Sea Scout Ship. Perhaps one of the best examples of rowing as a way to teach teamwork is by learning to race a whaleboat.

Sea Scouts have raced 26 foot monomoy whaleboats for years. Many wooden ones from the 1930s are still in service, but fiberglass ones are lighter and easier to maintain.

The Alameda Sea Scouts hosted a whaleboat racing clinic on April 21, 2014. Three Sea Scout Ships were represented for a full day of regatta practice and quality time on the water learning how to work together as a team.

A 26 foot monomoy whaleboat requires requires a coxswain and a crew of eight Sea Scouts. The coxswain is responsible for exercising smart seamanship in handling the boat and issuing commands to the crew.

The crew must function together for the boat to properly handle. One Sea Scout popping an oar out of a rowlock can bring the boat to a stop; one side overpowering the other will cause to the boat to turn. Learning to work together to steer a straight course and trust are fundamental steps in learning to be a team.

Going fast is fun, but what really matters is learning to work together as a team.





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