Sea Scout Promotion on Instagram

Josh_3378Social media gives us a great opportunity to tell the story of Sea Scouts to the world. Many Sea Scouts take photos, from selfies in uniform to sailing with their shipmates, and post to Instagram.

Social Media Coordination

I ask all Sea Scouts for their help in promoting awareness of our outstanding program.

Every Saturday, please post one photo of Sea Scouts in action on Instagram, and share the photo on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook with the hashtags #seascouts and #getonthewater. Together, we can trend on Twitter to promote Sea Scouting.

Photos can be sailing, promoting safe boating by wearing life jackets, working on boats, practicing skills such as knot tying, Bridge of Honors, following the Scout Law, keeping the Sea Promise, or any regular Sea Scout activity.

May 3, 2014 at 1300 PST

Om Saturday, May 3, 2014, let’s all share our adventures together on Insatgram and Twitter. At 1300 PST, whether you are at the Old Salt’s Regatta, Alaska, Hawaii, the Great Salt Lake, Colorado or Arizona, share a Sea Scout photo with the hashtags #seascouts and #getonthewater. Let’s stand together as Sea Scouts and share our adventures.

Joshua Gilliland

Western Region Commodore

Twitter @seascouts100th




  1. Yankee Clipper there with twitter pics of the Opening Day of the Boating season in Seattle. The Chief Seattle Council fleet will be in the opening day parade. Dress Blues cleaned and pressed.

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