Spring Recruiting

It is Spring, which means Sea Scouts are thinking of Regattas. Many are looking forward to summer cruises in a few short months. However, every Sea Scout Ship should be thinking about recruiting this Spring.

PacSky-Sea-Scout-WallApril and May are excellent times to schedule presentations to soon-to-be graduating 8th Graders and Boy Scout Troops. Moreover, Sea Scouts should host Welcome Aboard Days in early June, so any prospective Sea Scouts can be invited to an activity with hands-on adventure. A Welcome Aboard Day can include small-boat sailing, rowing in a whaleboat, cruise, barbeque and having fun.

Scheduling a Presentation

Parents on the Ship’s Committee are ideal to make phone calls, email introductions, and schedule a presentation. Many Sea Scouts, Skippers and Mates are extremely busy in Spring, and parental support is an effective way to organize a presentation.

Sea Scouts should prepare presentations with their audience in mind. A Boy Scout Troop generally will want to know about advancement. It is important to highlight how being a Sea Scout can help a Boy Scout on his path to Eagle.

A presentation to graduating 8th Graders should focus on the fact Sea Scouts are co-ed and the opportunities for maritime adventure.

Both audiences want to see action and fun program. Tell a story showcasing adventure and making memories to last a lifetime. Use photos and video to visually explain the adventure in Sea Scouting. Include how being a Sea Scout can help with a career, from being a professional mariner to military service to learning a trade.

Recruiting is a year-round activity. However, Spring is a great time to set-up presentations and organize Welcome Aboard Days to bring in new Sea Scouts for an amazing summer of fun.


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