The Road to the Ancient Mariner Regatta

This month Sea Scout Ship Decisive has done a lot of training and fundraising for the only regatta we go to: the  Ancient Mariner Regatta. It started off with fundraising for our plane tickets we sold coupon books called Makahiki. We sold to parents, teachers, friends, family and even went door  to door in our free time. The first weekend in March we also had a car wash although it wasn’t as successful as we wanted it to be we still managed to make money towards our ticket. At meetings we are busy with regatta training and as a crew were most of the members have never been to a regatta before we need it!

Practicing close order drill
Practicing close order drill

Between fundraising and training spring break was coming up fast, we all knew we had to do something amazing. Our original plans was to go to Niihau (aka the Forbidden Island) which is the island right next top us; unfortunately due to high winds and big swells our skipper deemed it unsafe. After much discussion as a crew we decided to go skurfing (surfing but being pulled by a boat) instead. When the day of skurfing came we had fun in and out of the water all day, and when the sun went down we just sat on the beach and had a bonfire. We ate and celebrated our crew leader Kela’s birthday.

crew members getting off our Sea Fox to land after skrufing
Crew members getting off our Sea Fox to land after skrufing

After skurfing it was back into training mode and back into the usual  fun filled meetings that always leave people in a good mood.

Brittany M.

Decisive Yeoman

Kauai, Hawaii


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