Learning, Competing, and Relaxing

Results of Power Squadron
Last Wednesday marked the final week of the US Power Squadron Course. After a quick review, the Sea Scouts took a fifty-question test, which covered the information from both the lectures and textbook.

Sea Scouts must have been able to identify the Coast Guard requirements for legally operating a boat. They have to be able to determine the proper course of action for two vessels meeting each other. For instance, a question might ask the Sea Scout to chose which boat was the stand on vessel. Other questions, covered day shapes, light patterns, and the classes of personal flotation devices (PFDs). To pass, Sea Scouts must score eighty percent or better. Fortunately, the entire class passed with scores of over ninety percent. One scout even earned a perfect score. The entire experience proved extremely educational and United States Scouts should definitely complete the course.

Disneyland Trip
One of the clear perks of being located in Southern California is Disneyland-aka the happiest place in the world. A group of about six or seven Renegades visited Disneyland after a beignet breakfast. There was no charge for the event because a Renegade mother was able to provide tickets for free.

Sea Scouts in their natural environment on Splash Mountain
Sea Scouts in their natural environment on Splash Mountain


The Scouts went on many different rides including Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, California Screaming, and Pirates of the Caribbean. After talking to some of the scouts that attended, it was clear that the event was a success with everyone having a wonderful time


Jeff Adam Memorial Regatta
The Annual Jeff Adam Memorial Regatta was held on March 9th in Dana Point. This regatta’s purpose was to commemorate the life of Jeff Adam: friend, sailor and Sea Scout.

1653750_472046842899963_1413135262_nScouts from all over Southern California were invited and the event was hosted by Sea Scout Ship Mariners. Their mission was to “support youth sailing and further the legacy of a young man that brought a bright spirit to all he encountered”. It was a gorgeous day of racing for the Sabot A, B and C, CFJ, 420, Laser, and Laser Radial classes. The spirit of Jeff Adam was truly honored by this event.

approaching the leeward mark rounding
approaching the leeward mark rounding

The Long Beach Invitational
The Long Beach Invitational was held at the Long Beach Sea Base on March 8th and was a fun, low pressure competition for Scouts in the Southern California Region. This year was the second largest turnout ever with 96 youth and 50 adults.

Scouts pose on the steps of the Long Beach Sea Base
Scouts pose on the steps of the Long Beach Sea Base

The scouts competed in the following events: Taboo, Jeopardy, Knot Tying, Cross River, Signaling, Navigation, Charting, Heaving Line, Sea Promise, Canoeing, Lifejacket, Right of way, Rowing, and Yawl Ketch This. These competitions are very good at teaching and reinforcing scout knowledge in a fun and entertaining way and are very good practice for larger competitions such as the Ancient Mariner Regatta. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed these fun and creative approaches to Sea Scout knowledge and activities. Nautical Taboo, Canoeing, and Cross the River were the most popular events. At the end of the day, Hell Drill was held and George Himmelstein from Calypso was the victor. The combined Sea Scout Ship Renegades/Triton/Del Mar came in first place overall with Morning Star and Mystic Yankee not far behind. Congratulations to the winning ships! A very enjoyable time was had by all.

Hell Drill begins
Hell Drill begins



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