S.S.S. Heatwave Leaves the Desert

On February 7th and 8th the Las Vegas Area Council Mountain Man Rendezvous was held. Four of our ship members (Jane, Alex, Miranda, and I) attended the event. We worked the event as volunteers with Ship 37, S.S.S. Raven. Four of their members came: Jake, Sarah, Gavin, and Lotario. We also shared a campsite with them.

After arriving on Friday, we assisted with parking and traffic, which was a very important and exhausting job, considering that there were nearly 2,000 scouts coming to attend this event. That night, the temperature was less than 40 degrees.

The next morning, we woke around 700 for breakfast. Since our volunteering shift didn’t start until about 1200, we were free to roam around and check out all the different stations and events. The event offered a great variety of things to do, such as: archery, black powder shooting, knife throwing, tomahawk throwing, wall climbing, whipping, rope making, log throwing, log sawing, and much more.

Later in the day, competitions were held in some categories. If the scout qualified for competition earlier that day, their name was written down and they would come back at a later time to compete. Jake, Alex, Jane and I each qualified to compete. Later, we went to compete. The others covered our shifts while we were away. Jacob, Jane, and I qualified for archery, but unfortunately did not place. However, Alex qualified for both tomahawk and knife throwing. She got 3rd place in both competitions. Towards the end of the day, there was a closing ceremony where they announced the winners of each competition. When they called the names of the winners of the knife and tomahawk throwing, Alex marched proudly up to the stage to receive her medals. The reactions of all the Boy Scouts in the audience were priceless. They were shocked to see that Alex, a girl, had done better than them and placed in competitions at a Boy Scout event.

It was so much fun. I’m really excited to go next year!



The first weekend of this month, our ship presented colors at the Las Vegas Area Council Annual Dinner. The event was held at Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino. Ship 37 helped us with it. Our Joey, Alex, Vaneza, our skipper, and I drove up on Friday night. We reunited with Miranda. Our new member, Emily, was already in Vegas. We went to the movies and then went to our hotel room to get sleep for the event the next day.

On Saturday, we got donuts and worked on getting our uniforms prepared for that night. We went to the mall and went shopping. Afterwards, we met Jake, Gavin, Lotario and the leaders from Ship 37, and we practiced posting. Our setup was different than we thought it would be. At first it was frustrating trying to figure out the new setup along with teaching Lotario, Gavin, and Emily how to post colors correctly. This was their first event doing so. We got it resolved though.

After going back to our rooms and getting dressed, we were finally ready to post colors. We had six flags and two rifles. I was at the podium doing the calls. We did really well. Afterwards, we got to eat. Jake and Joey were chosen to help present the Silver Beaver awards to the recipients. It was a great event. We also retired the colors. Our ships bonded some more that night, but the boys had to go home. Us girls spent another night.

On Sunday, we had breakfast and packed up. Alex, Joey, and Emily went swimming. We said goodbye to Miranda and Emily. Emily was staying to visit family. It was a really fun trip. We can’t wait until next year!





(The article about the Mountain Man Rendezvous was written by Joey Kasper. The article about the LVAC Annual Dinner was written by Jane Silverstein.)


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