Presidents’ Day Training Weekend

The SSS Morning Star traveled to Alameda California for a training weekend with the SSS Makai over Presidents’ Day weekend. After a long night of driving, the crews were out of the slip and on our way to Redwood City to begin training. Being an inland ship based out of Sherman Oaks, California; Morning Star doesn’t own a boat. This was a great opportunity for boating and cruising experience that many of the younger girls have not seen. Sophomore Crew leader Rachel felt “It was a great experience because the guys helped us learn the jobs that we were assigned to during our watches. We were able to practically run the boat for part of the cruise.”

MorningStar8Once docked and secured, training began instantly. Everything from Scuttlebutt to Compass and Relative Bearing was covered. As an added bonus we were able to do Breeches Buoy. In Southern California there are no available Breeches Buoy towers, so being able to have access to that equipment along with the training of our new Scuttlebutt coxswain, left the crew feeling more confident in our skills as well as forming a stronger bond. Not only with our own crew, but with the guys of Makai too. “Some highlights of this weekend have been getting to meet other Sea Scouts that share the love and passion for scouting as I do. I met some great people on this trip that I hope to see again!” said Morgan, a freshman crew member who kept asking when we got to go back up to Northern California.

MorningStar1Being a Southern California crew, many of our girls hadn’t seen the Golden Gate Bridge before this trip. But thanks to a special surprise from the guys’ crew, we were able to not only see the bridge from the water but take selfies and group shots with the famous bridge. A unique experience for the Morning Stars Yeoman Cami, “I got to steer the boat towards the bridge up until it was picture time! It was so exciting.” And many of the girls felt the same way.

MorningStar7This weekend left many girls of Morning Star feeling happy, Confidant, and extremely tired by the time we got back to the valley.


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