Advancement & New Meeting Place for the S.S.S. Decisive

Hello from Decisive. So far the crew on the S.S.S. Decisive has had a lot of positive changes from everything from more crew to a new meeting place.

With a busy new year ahead of us we have a lot more changes that will take place. Last month the Sea Scouts on Decisive had their winter Bridge of Honor. Decisive welcomed a new member, saw 4 Scouts advance to Apprentice, and 2 to Ordinary. We also had 4 Small Boat Handlers and 2 Qualified Seamen. 2 Scouts earned their Long Cruise badge first Red Arc.

After the ceremony we said goodbye to each other for 3 weeks and when we came back we had a surprise waiting for us: a new meeting place in all its glory; a place that we could decorate and make our own.

Skipper talking to a new member

Along with our new meting place this month we have 6 Scouts working towards their BSA lifeguard.


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